Last week, power couple musicians Sammi Constantine and Gabriel Paris released their beautifully captivating piano duet, ‘Roses.’ Now we’re ready to feel mesmerised by their compelling vocals again with the release of their live performance video released today.

Filmed by Trystin Sinnott, this video is a completely live version recorded, mixed and mastered by Lewis Mitchell and features Cyrus on the piano.

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love this collaboration anymore more than I already did, watching the raw and live emotions and performance chemistry between Sammi and Gabriel took this love to a whole new level.

Lunchbox had the pleasure of catching up with the duo following the release of this masterpiece.

In 2019, Sammi brought a home demo version of ‘Roses’ to a writing session with the man she now calls her soul mate. Gabriel helped her finish off the song and they recorded their vocals together and honestly, this is the dream duet. Their vocals compliment each other in a compelling and natural way to the point I’m at a loss of words to describe just how beautiful this is, so I guess you’ll have to listen to it yourself 😉

“Lyrically, it was pretty much all written in one session,” Gabriel explained to Lunchbox. “But, it took a long time to fully shape sonically, because we tried a lot of different things with the production and instrumentation. We tried some more up-beat ideas, but we fell in love with the more subtle feel with live piano and cello.”

When looking back on their first session together, Sammi recalled Gabriel hearing the piano underneath the lyrics immediately. “He pretty much bolted out of his studio to the upright piano on the lower level of his house and asked me to sing the melody, and he played the entire song structure on the upfront immediately,” she said. “We recorded the entire song within an hour. The piano in the track is from that day. It was recorded completely live in one take. You can even hear the peddle creek in the intro and outro.”

A year after their first session together, Sammi was ready to release ‘Roses’ at the end of last year following a string of conceptual singles under her project but pulled the plug due to Covid as she found she couldn’t keep releasing in that climate. Sammi and Gabriel found a new love for their creation earlier this year and re-recorded their vocal work. They now felt like it was the right time to share this art with the world and said it felt like a breath of fresh air after the amount of time had passed since ‘Roses’ was first born.

Lyrically, this song is a beautiful, yet sad, heartbreak ballad. Sammi shared that she had never felt loneliness the way she did when she began writing the chorus in her bedroom at 3am in 2019. “My close friend was going through a similar situation of heartbreak, rejection, and feeling unworthy of another’s love, and so the lyrics began.”

Sammi described ‘Roses’ as an intimate heartbreak song that bitterly communicates the experience of never feeling worthy of love, but yet not being able to escape the idea of being with someone. “In the end, the reality that both people share the same fear of being hurt and rejected, finally reveals itself and the relationship becomes unhinged altogether.”

I’m not asking for roses, I don’t care that you’re broken, I’m right in front of you.. where is your focus?

I’ve had the pleasure of keeping both Sammi and Gabriel on my musical radar for a while now, and compared to their musical catalogues, ‘Roses’ is beautifully unique from what you’d expect from either of them.

“It was really different for both of us,” Gabriel recognised, “but it was a moment that was so relevant at the time for both of us. Sammi had started writing the lyrics before she met me and she was fresh out of a breakup, so we knew it was going to be a heartfelt and emotional session. Music is music. We just wanted to write something real and honest. Brands were not really relevant and it was just refreshing to write something without the barriers of being on brand and on trend.”

The first two times I listed to ‘Roses’ in its entirety, I was conflicted on how to feel about this masterpiece. On the first listen, I could imagine a ballerina dancing to the piano and acting out the lyrics, but on my second listen, I could sense all the sad vibes coming through.

When I explained this to Sammi and Gabriel, Sammi pointed out, “It’s funny you say that. I always have dancers in my mind when I write as I’m an ex dancer myself, so it’s always at the forefront of my mind, so I love that. But, it’s definitely sad. We were sad humans and the storyline definitely explores all areas of rejection and heartbreak.”

While the duo are unsure if another artist collaboration between the two of them will be on the radar anytime soon, they are both stoked at how well everyone has reacted to this release. However, whether it’s advice, co-writing, or producing, they are constantly an active part in each other’s individual projects. “Even if it doesn’t have both our names on it, chances are that we’ve both had input,” Gabriel said.

If you’ve listened to ‘Roses’ or added it to your playlists, please let both Sammi and Gabriel know! They’re both very active on their socials and appreciate the messages letting them know you’re giving their song babies some love!