Caleb Karvountzis needed to get away. He needed some down time, some time for self-reflection, and some time to read.

“I went on holidays a few years ago for six months and I read all day every day. I was mainly reading philosophy and it changed my perspective on things in life… changed my viewpoints.”

Fast forward a few years and the current outcome equates to Tiny Little Houses forthcoming album Idiot Proverbs. The lead singer commented on the themes within the album and how his writing process has changed over the years.

“The first few EPs didn’t really have much self-awareness. I think the fact that I’m saying this means I’m more self-aware now,” he muses. “I tried to not write too dark, but definitely worked in some gloomy undertones.”

When people talk about the lyrics found within Australian rock music, Tiny Little Houses are front of the pack.

“I don’t like taking myself too seriously. But when I write I express myself, so whatever comes out is truly a representation of that time.”

Of the tracks released thus far from their upcoming album, Entitled Generation has generated the biggest amount of buzz. From the title alone, one can tell that it entails the daily habits of millennials.

Entitled Generation is a description of who we are based on age. We complain about stuff on the internet… older generations couldn’t. They didn’t complain they just did and they thought that they had it harder… We’ve just come to the end of a huge cycle of growth; a booming economy and now we just can’t afford and enjoy,” he explains.

Karvountzis made sure to mention that solidarity is important. We all become depressed and anxious from time to time but, “It’s important to remember everyone is in this together.”

We continued to chat and the topic of the lack of live music venues came up. Karvountzis was saying how Melbourne can be a bit restrictive.

“We recorded the album about an hour from Melbourne. Really out of the way… It was great creative-wise. When you record in the city you can feel your money wasting away. We had freedom. It inspired us.”

He also went on to express his thoughts on the live scene in Sydney.

“The closing of Newtown Social Club was such a shame. It’s really good that Lansdowne has stepped in its place.”

While the Lansdowne in undoubtedly great, the loss of Newtown Social Club was a huge blow to Sydney’s live music scene. It also doesn’t help that there is a currently a mini golf bar in its place. Enough of that for now.

The need to support live music has never been greater, so make sure to check out Tiny Little Houses on their upcoming Idiot Proverbs Album Tour!

24 February, Karova Lounge, Ballarat
2 March, Corner Hotel, Melbourne
3 March, Republic Bar, Hobart
8 March, Strawberry Boogie, Wollongong
9 March, Oxford Art Factory, New South Wales
10 March, Brightside, Brisbane
16 March, Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth
17 March, Fat Controller, Adelaide