Are you a fan of garage-rock?

Let us introduce to you to The Dolphin Show.

Growing up together in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the formidable foursome has all the attitude and peskiness of your younger brother – except they probably sound better.

Their latest single, Pokie Fiend, is a mischevious commentary on Australia’s gaming culture. Don’t be fooled, The Dolphin Show are witty and honest in calling out your Grandad’s favourite afternoon pass time.

With a bassline reminiscent of old-school rock and a hook that you’ll have stuck in your head for days –  it’s just a bloody good tune.

Will Badger (vocals, guitar), James Suttor (vocals, guitar), Aaron Jacobs (drums) and Matt Squire (bass) combine their musical talents (and their cravings for some quality dining any time of the day or night) to bring back some flavour to the live music scene north of the Harbour Bridge… but they’ve got their sights set on playing some pretty big venues, as the band explains below.

What was the first concert you ever went to?

James: Nickleback at the O2 Arena in Dublin with me Ma.

First CD/vinyl you ever owned?

Will: Bullet in a Bible by Green Day (the deluxe edition like a true fan).

What is your dream instrument to own one day?

Squire: Double Bass.

Who is your ultimate music-hero?

Will: It has to be Jesse Goopset from Marvell.

What does The Dolphin Show stand for?

Will: The preservation and conservation of dolphins and their habitats.

What will be your famous last words?

Squire: Thank God.

What is the ideal band vehicle for The Dolphin Show? Why? Everyone: A Mitsubishi Delica, ’cause they got a turbo bro.

Favourite marine animal?

Squire: Dugongs.

Band member most likely to go MIA?

James: Whoever our drummer is at the time.

Which D-show member is the funniest versus who thinks they’re the funniest?

Will: We are all funny and we all know it. (That’s some great confidence right there).

Favourite post-night-out snack?

Everyone: Kebab….YES PLEASE!

Best Sydney venue right now?

Aaron: Valve Bar.

Fave fellow Sydney-based band right now?

Everyone: Definitely Bin Juice.

If not rock, what genre would The Dolphin Show play?

Will: Japanese psych-pop.

Bucket-List venue to play?

James: Wembley Stadium. Aim for the stars.

If you were organising a new festival, where would it be? What would you call it? Who would make the line-up?

It would be in Tasmania in the middle of the bush and it would be called the Troopy 4WD Meet Up. The lineup would include Nickleback, Jamiroquai, and Seal.

Although appearances from the aforementioned international lineup are yet to be confirmed, you can get yourself into some trouble at The Dolphin Show’s single launch next month.

Until then, you can hit the repeat button on Spotify.

The Dolphin Show Pokie Fiend Single Launch

Friday 7 December, Avalon RSL, Sydney NSW