When I chat to Space Monk’s lead Lachlan Body, he is sitting beachside whilst I am sitting bedside, unintentionally making me feel all types of jealous and excited for their new single release Pub Lord and wishing it wasn’t getting so damn cold – this is a tune best served with a tan.

Expecting to hear two voices, I only got one! Space Monk’s drummer Torey Hutchinson was no longer able to join us, nor were Lachlan Simpson and Rory Mitchell. Luckily, Body covered all bases with me and caught me up to date.

The boys all met in high school, long before Space Monk’s journey begun. It’s been a long ten years running for all four boys, “I think we know each other almost too well,” claims Body. From high school mates to Space Monk sounds, the four spent endless days jamming out at their parent’s places and discovering the styles of music they liked best. They learnt a lot about each other in this time and found their love for the same manners of music. They figured out who was best at what instrument, picked them up and from there to now… they’ve been writing their own tunes ever since!

Influenced by the likes of The Cure, Weezer and more surf punk/rock bands like Wavves, The Growlers and DZ Deathrays, it’s clear how you can see Space Monk’s music mirroring what they love. They’ve been through phases over the years, from ‘70s psych-rock to loving the ‘90s and ‘00s’ punk rock – I write this as I’m listening to Blink-182’s original What’s My Age Again? demo… Ironic huh? Trying to think of other artists who influence them, Body tells me they’re definitely not pigeonholed into any particular genre, then assures me Space Monk is all about that “fuzzy, celestial pop-rock.”

“I remember one night and we were up at a headland,” he tells me after explaining why it took so long to find the perfect, spaced-out, atmospheric and celestial-sounding name for the band. “It wasn’t even one of us in the band, it was one of our good mates.” This good mate of Space Monk looked up to a massive cloud in the sky and exclaimed “Ah, there he is, there’s Space Monk!” Why he thought this cloud was a “Space Monk” we will never know – but who cares, it suited them!

How they got their band name isn’t the only funny memory these dudes have – aside from getting goofy on stage, Body tells me his favourite memory is watching Hutchinson fill in for another band, which seems super boring to me until he mentions Hutchinson’s sudden desire to NOT be wearing his clothes. “He stripped off down to absolutely nothing and played the rest of the set, uh, nude,” he laughs.

For four super chilled dudes from Sydney’s Northern beaches, they sure are excited about the release of single Pub Lord. The boys have worked long and hard on this track, and Body tells me they were really on the ball with capturing the exact sounds. “We kind of spent a whole week living in the studio, eating absolute crap, drinking a lot of beer – I feel like that helped with the recording process, at least for me,” he laughs.

They used a bunch of Simon Berckelman’s (Philadelphia Grand Jury) old school gear in the studio, with absolutely no clue what they were working on – they were just stoked with the sounds they could create!

Their lyrics can go from sounding like a light-hearted joke to an existential crisis in only a matter of seconds. Whilst there’s not an actual pub lord within Space Monk, I’m assured that you can almost always find one in your local pub. The “Pub Lord” is someone we could all learn a few things from, whilst also avoiding their less redeeming traits – “It’s a love/hate sort of thing,” Body laughs.

When Space Monk aren’t going nuts in the studio, downing a few beers or going ham and jamming on stage, Body lets me know that they’re always down for a strange sci-fi movie or messing about with a few instruments. Of course, they’re dreaming of festival sets at Splendour In The Grass and Groovin The Moo, but for now these dudes are dead-set on the next few up coming releases.

Be sure to check Pub Lord out on their triple j Unearthed page and keep your eyes peeled for a video clip to go with it. They’re hoping for a tour later this year after another single, and an EP is on its way for mid 2017! Stay tuned to channel 2 for more out-of-this-world news from Space Monk!