11 November, The Lansdowne Hotel

For a number of months I was under the impression that Ruby Fields was more than a little big for her britches. From her standoffish stage presence at Sounds of The Suburbs and the slightly contrived promotional content, I was apprehensive about Saturday evening’s show at The Lansdowne. The P Plates Tour has been highly anticipated  and the sold out evening spoke wonders of Fields’ ability to fill a room with her loyal fans. She skyrocketed incredibly quickly after her Unearthed success and I assumed it was this rapid rise to renown that was responsible for that ‘too cool for school’ attitude.

However to Fields’ credit her Sydney show forced me to eat my words and seriously reconsider my opinion of an artist whose game I thought I knew.  Playing through crowd favourites P Plates and most recent single I Want, Field’s filled the gaps in her set with a few covers, my favourite being Garbage’s 2001 hit Cherry Lips, a bolshie and cheek-filled sass fest. With warm references to her parents and many thanks for their support and the support of the crowd present, I have to say I was blown away at her confidence and kind nature. Not without her signature ocka drawl, Fields made a brave stab at mid set comedic relief, making a somewhat tentative reference to racism in black comedy. It seemed to pass over smoothly, though I have to say I did hold my breath slightly.

It seems that the past few months have been ones of significant growth for the young artist. The shaky and extremely self-aware style of her early performances, which at the time were indicative of a narcissistic and indulgent kid, has now blossomed into a mature and respectful stage presence. I walked away humbled and impressed, overall a fantastic show.