Enmore Theatre;

31 May 2019

Hmm, where do I start with Winston Sursfshirt’s ‘Baked Goods’ tour?
Selling out the Enmore Theatre in Newtown is no easy feat, yet Winston and his band succeeded in doing so.

It wouldn’t have been the ‘Baked Goods’ tour if there weren’t a few concertgoers who were baked themselves. I’m not going to name names here but I’m talking about the dude wearing a baggy red t-shirt whose name I “incidentally” forgot.

All jokes aside here, two years have passed since Elton John labeled Winston Surfshirt his “favourite Australian band”. The same amount of time has passed since I last saw Winston Surfshirt play live, in Brisbane, at Bigsound, on the Levi’s stage to be precise. The growth the band has undertaken since then is nothing short of exponential.

Having only put out a handful of new material since I saw them last, the band has managed to refine their sound and smoothen out their skill set, in turn adding to the experience of seeing them live.I can happily say that the improvements the band has made has deepened my appreciation of the band as a whole.

With a sonic palate akin to that of Anderson.Paak, the deep-rooted influence of early funk, soul and jazz pierce through the band’s material, more so live than on record.

Now whilst this gig was meant to be all about Winston Surfshirt, Milan Ring delivered the sleekest opening set I’ve seen in a hot minute. She wasn’t the first opener, that accolade belongs to Stevan, who I unfortunately missed thanks to being stuck back at work.

Seeing Winston Surfshirt play live can be best described as feeling completely in touch with the sonic embodiment of the ‘juice’ that remains at the bottom of the zooper-dooper packet: sweet and smooth.

I can tell from the band’s performance as a whole that they are all close friends – and their chemistry is off the charts. Singling in on Winston’s own performance, it is easy to tell that he is a very humble dude. He would not let a fellow band members solo pass without commending them in some way, whether that be clapping after a solo from one of the horn players or edging the crowd to continue applause for other band members.

In full, the smooth and sultry sound of Winston Surfshirt live will be etched in my mind for years to come, if there’s anything I can leave you with it’s that you see see them live ASAP. You still have the chance to catch them on their ‘Baked Goods’ tour, on the following dates:

  • Friday, 21 June – HQ, Adelaide – with special guests Milan Ring, Stellie
  • Saturday, 22 June – Metropolis, Perth – with special guests Milan Ring, Dulcie
  • Friday, 28 June – Tivoli, Brisbane – with special guests Milan Ring, Tiana Khasi