@The Chippo – 11/7/19

I often find it hard to agree with the well heard and often proven sentiment that Sydney’s live music scene is at a low point when there are bands like Shady Nasty causing a stir amongst revellers.

It’s almost impossible to lump the band into one genre, but if I was to have a crack at it I’d label their music ‘alternative punk’. While not a genre that gets thrown around often, the band encompass all the qualities of a punk band; angry, going against the norm and refusing to conform.

Through my observation and based on what their music means to me, I feel as if their sound also encapsulates much of the current political and social issues my generation are facing. Through their sound alone they are able to attract like minded individuals who are wanting change.

While they don’t necessarily address these issues blatantly in their lyrics and opt to reference other ‘frowned upon’ activities like car modification, their foray into the polyphonic sphere, highlighted by their instrumentation is enough to discern this.

One focal point of the bands music that I have tuned into is the fact that their instrumentation is often louder than their vocals. To me, this shows that the attitude of their music, the ‘take no shit’ attitude, outweighs the vocal integrity of their music. While it is still important, the emotion invoked by their sound is at the forefront here.

As a live band they provoke the crowd like no other. A great performance led to more than just headbanging, coupled with the lack of security (something which should be implored more often in Sydney) attendees were even seen stage diving. The togetherness of the crowd shows power in numbers and kindness, something Australia desperately needs more of.

Elisa, whom accompanied me to the gig ended the night eating Maccas, with Kevin showing foresight “Ronald feeding nuggets through the cracks of my guts”. Elisa has self described the scene of her eating as the true embodiment of nasty.