Having recently supported pop sensation Rita Ora on her first national Australian tour earlier this month, Sammi Constantine took to the stage at Oxford Art Factory and had fans dancing the entire night.

The Oxford Art Factory is quite the intimidate venue and Sammi had the room maxed out on May 3 where she was up close and personal with her fans, family and friends. So much love and support flowed through the venue. Everyone was truly there for her. An hour at Oxford Art factory was all Sammi needed to prove she was well worth the hype.

Though Sammi was the obvious star of the night, my eyes were regularly drawn to the two guys she shared the stage with – her drummer (Jaiden Wilbow) and guitarist, (Gavin Green). They shared just as much passion as Sammi did, singing and dancing along with as much enthusiasm as humanly possible.

Music is, without a doubt, a rock for many people as Sammi proved when she performed her latest single, Ropes – a track that many attendees related to. Ropes is a deeply personal and self-reflective song for Sammi, directly written about her past struggles with anorexia, depression and her self-destructive inner demons. The track was written as a conversational statement, that demands dialogue around her struggles, in order to rid herself of destructive thoughts and birth growth and healing. Sammi’s ability to not only perform, but also tell a story and connect with her audience, is what makes her shine.

Sammi Constantine is by far, an all-round, seasoned performer. She has it all – the voice, the look, the style and most importantly, the moves. Sammi has been a dancer from a very young age and this is quite evident throughout her live shows where she effortlessly combines all her passions into the one for a breathtaking performance. You can’t stop bopping along with her.

My personal favourite live track from the night, was, Do it all Again, a preview into Sammi’s upcoming EP, Nervosa, set for release later this month. The chorus to the track has been stuck in my head since Friday night, and honestly, I’m not complaining. In this song, Sammi’s voice and musical style has matured and pushed the young musician under a whole new spotlight.

After supporting Rita Ora on tour, it was only natural for Sammi to add a cover into her setlist and wowed the audience with a track that is quite hard to cover – Only Want You, which she absolutely nailed.

I cannot recommend adding ‘see Sammi Constantine live’ to your bucket list enough.