Band: Thunder Fox

Answered by: Sam Dawes

Position/role: Lead vocals/guitar slinger

Give us your wicked-cool backstory: Thunder Fox was born in the throes of a sacred romance between myself and Sam Frank, our lead guitarist. We became friends at school and started writing some material which came out better than anything we’d written before. We stumbled upon a pretty unique style and spent some time pursuing the right players to bring it to life. After a bunch of line-up changes we landed on the band we have now, with every member bringing a feast of musical and stylistic morsels to the Thunder Fox table.

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? Mixed kebab with the lot.

How is your new drummer, Max Vallentine, settling in? Well, he copies my hairstyle and is a general pest to society but he’s about the single best drummer we’ve ever laid eyes on, so we’re tolerating him. We definitely feel extremely lucky and honoured to have him on board!

What inspires your look, and where the heck do you get your crazy outfits? Our look is inspired by wearing whatever we want, really. We love trying to outdo each other, wearing the most ridiculous outfits we can find, especially in photo shoots. We actually recently had some custom flares hand made for us by Lily, who runs Peggy Loves Ziga, a Brisbane clothing line, which was amazing.

What was it like playing at Happy Daze festival in the Whitsundays? Happy Daze was a really beautiful festival and so well organised. We were lucky enough to experience almost perfect weather the whole time and our set was a total dream. Such a luscious crowd too!

The worst thing that happened during a performance was…: We’ve been pretty lucky thus far in that nothing too disastrous has happened, but we’ve had our fair share of dumb band antics. Back in 2015 though, we did have a run in with Moonshine Bar in Manly after Sam Frank consumed one too many beverages and got us banned for throwing shit off the balcony.

But the best thing was…: I’ve gotta say, gigs are already the best thing that happens to us week after week, but I’ll never forget playing our first festival, Psyfari, last year. Seeing such a huge group of people loving our music and singing along was and always will be surreal.

What are you looking forward to most about playing at Moonshine on the 15 June? Moonshine is easily our favourite local venue and will be sure to give us a platform to let loose and put on a great show. We’ve also got the added satisfaction of returning there after a two-year hiatus. I’ve made it a personal vendetta trying to get back into that venue so it’s gonna be a huge one.

What has been the highlight of your musical career thus far? Again, it’s impossible to put a finger on one single thing, we’re so lucky to be able to do this and it keeps getting better. Max joining the band and coming on tour with us has been the highlight of this year though; we’ve definitely hit a new level as a unit.