Band: Milk Buttons

Answered by: Jackson Muir

Position/role: Vocals/guitars

Give us your wicked-cool backstory. Where did the name come from and how did you start out? Cam and I met when we were both conveniently old enough to buy beer. We used to hang out at our friend’s house, have fires and have long discussions about music whilst passing a guitar back and forth. We have pretty much continued this in some way or another over the years. Sometime in 2015 we decided to make this a proper thing and that became Milk Buttons. The name Milk Buttons was just two random words I thought sat nicely together.

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? Maybe a bento box. Random things put together that shouldn’t make sense but somehow do.

Tell us about Flowers – what’s your creative process like? Flowers was a song that Cameron wrote years ago that he had almost forgotten about. We worked on it together in his studio and it kind of just grew into this fuzzed-out little creature. It’s different to the rest of the EP and perhaps not the most conventional single. But, putting your ‘boldest song’ out first is one way to go about it. Our creative process varies and it’s hard for me to say. Often it’s all a bit of a mystery to me. I suppose the one thing I keep in mind is to be persistent, but patient.

Where did you record Songs For My Butcher Bird and why? Who did you work with? We recorded SFMB at Alex L’Estrange’s home studio and Cam’s home studio. I’d heard some of Alex’s recordings and I loved the drum sound he was getting. So he laid that down at his and some other stuff. Cam and I finished it off in a few days at his studio. We also worked with Nick Broomham, who recorded some bass and Cameron recorded some strings with his fellow QUT colleagues at QUT.

The worst thing that happened during recording was…: I can’t recall anything particularly bad happening. I can vaguely recall something had gone wrong with Cameron’s plumbing or the roof (some house problem) when we were doing synths one day. All that I know is some contractor had come to fix something and it caused some mild stress.

But the best thing was…: The best thing was realising that Mellotrons could solve our problems. There were a few times with a couple of songs when some of the songs just didn’t seem ‘there’ yet. Mellotrons seemed to be the missing piece on those occasions.

What message or theme are you trying to give to your fans through your music? To be honest, we haven’t consciously decided on a theme or message that were trying to put out there. So far we have just made music that interests us. I suppose I hope or would like it if our songs might help someone make sense of a situation or perhaps just give them a momentary escape from things.

Other than other artists, what inspires your music? Other than other artists’ work, I suppose our biggest inspiration would have to be our own personal experiences; relationships, friends, the spaces we find ourselves in. All the stuff that we all seem to go through and all the stuff that makes us human.

The no.1 most interesting thing about your band is: Hopefully our music. I would like it if our songs are the most interesting thing.

And the most boring thing about you is: I’m not sure. I guess I’ve never actually considered this. But I suppose I’m probably boring in many ways. You would have to ask my friends or the people who don’t want to be my friends because they find me boring.

What have you learnt from your other projects that you’re hoping to bring to Milk Buttons? Be on time and be nice to your sound guy. If you’re on the road, make sure you eat well. It makes all the difference. Unless your Kevin Shields, there is such a thing as having too many effects pedals.