Local to Local‘s Lotus and LARKS has written a soul-driven R’n’B track which dives into the reality behind clubbing and drinking to forget the bad times.

Drinking Hard is the latest track from Melbourne hip hop crew Local to Local’s Day One mixtape. The group of four artists – LARKS, Anbar, Lotus and Kiid Koda, led and directed by DJ Marco, meticulously pieced together a 12-track mixtape infused with crew collaborations.

The record is an eclectic collection of music, stylistically ranging from soul and R’n’B to club and trap.

Delivered as a moving and emotional R’n’B-infused trap anthem, Drinking Hard is comparable to OG Drake, with a mellow rhythm and memorable chorus.

Lotus and LARKS’s vocals fit perfectly together to add layers of meaning to a melancholic soundtrack of a night out on the town.

“The first thing that came to my mind when I heard this beat was, ‘This is about drinking hard,” Lotus said.

Reflecting on his time performing in clubs, he shares: “I wasn’t able to have the best time I could have, because I was holding something in mind outside the club and outside the scene that was bothering me.

“Sometimes we don’t realise the things that we hold in our minds, and we think that we don’t really care or choose to not care; but when you go to the club to have a good night and forget about it, it actually bothers us even more.”

He says that drinking and clubbing as a coping mechanism can cause harm, and doesn’t solve anything.

“Instead of building a bridge over it, we try to forget about it and that just hurts us more.”

“I started writing the lyrics to this song and I was looking around the club and asked my homies, ‘Are you feeling anything similar to me? Is anything like this going on in your head?’ and they were all agreeing.

“People were drinking hard to forget what they were going through.”

Lotus said when he wrote this song, the first person he thought of was LARKS, as their characters complimented each other well. LARKS listened to the song about 50 times; it was the only track he played for two days.

“I wrote this song just after I broke up with one of my exes, so I was in a pretty heavy state,” LARKS said.

“This is something I use to express how I was feeling. I tried to put everything that had happened at that time with my ex behind me.

“I hope this track paints a better picture of who I am as an artist, as well,” he continues.

“I really like the idea of storytelling through music and showing a deeper side of myself, instead of just being turn up music – so I really hope this connects on a deeper level than a lot of the face value stuff, and the fun songs we have been releasing recently.”

The next track from the Day One mixtape, Bounce, will be released on October 26.