Hey! We’re Yujin and Quincy, your friendly neighbourhood Asians who go by the name ORIENTAL CRAVINGS. We make sweet and spicy dance music that make you wanna head-bang and crave a ramen at the same time. Here’s our homage to the home-grown tunes we’re digging at the moment – hope you enjoy the playlist!

Song 1: Someone Else (Ft. Savoi) – Yahtzel
This song is a straight up fire, just the swinged offbeat drums and lyrics, interplaying with the bassline and synths really hits home for us! Yahtzel’s a big inspiration to us

Song 2: havingfun – Arian Cook
Most slept-on producer in the game, so diverse and talented. This tune is one of our favourites, but definitely check out his other stuff!

Song 3: Cradle To Grave (Interlude) – Slumberjack
Good friends and a huge inspiration to us, this track gives us chills every time we listen to it, we can’t wait till they start writing scores for films.

Song 4: Super Hot – Oski
Oski is a gun – this track is spicy. The oriental lead and melody in this track makes me want to scoff my noodles even if it burns my tongue.

Song 5: Drop Your Love ft. DiRTY RADiO – Young Franco
The funk and the soul in this is unreal, such a good tune – we love our house!

Song 6: Vermin – AXEN & WRAITH
Not really too much into dubstep but holy fuck this track is one of the most hyped tracks we’ve ever heard and we started our first ever mosh pit with this track!

Song 7: Escape – Silva
The detail that Silva put in in this track is amazing. You will never hear any producers making unique melodic tracks like this guy.

Song 8: Something Like This – Ukiyo
All Ukiyo’s tracks are amazing! You can listen to any of his tracks on repeat but this one is absolute perfection!

Song 9: Drama – WILDLYF
This kid is a production wizard! Has such a unique sound overall as an artist and this is one is personally our favourite of his.

Song 10: Devastate – ZEKE BEATS
Zeke is always in his own lane! His sound design is out of this world and all of his productions are all very tasteful, hits hard and sounds like no one else’s.