Spencer here from Morning Harvey. A Brisbane band consisting of myself, Jackson White, and Steve Kempnich. I watch cooking shows as much as I sleep, I eat ramen as if it’s going out of fashion, and the best TV series ever made are as follows; The Office UK, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Seinfeld, Peep Show, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Toast Of London, Extras, Mid Morning Matters With Alan Partridge, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Young Ones. (Please don’t argue with this because you’re most likely wrong)

Song 1: Stranglin’ You Too – Slug Guts
This song has probably made every (Aus) playlist I’ve done. Still love it. Don’t know why, but it is beautiful.

Song 2: In the Mortuary – Witch Hats
This song is what started me on Witch Hats. The melody is great and it’s quite dark. I really hope they keep making records because each and every album they’ve released has been gold and incredibly important to me.

Song 3: To Think That I Once Loved You – The Drones
I can’t fault anything they do. It’s very refreshing to see a band constantly changing and challenging what people pin them to. It didn’t take me long at all to get into their new album. This song is a huge tear-jerker for me. I only listen to it alone in the car.

Song 4: Hell of a Summer The Triffids
David McComb was just another fantastic storytelling lyricist. I always try and imagine if this song were sped up, maybe five to ten BPM, it would be a sweet dance track.

Song 5: Walking Around – Jade Imagine
Something to listen to alone whilst you’re walking somewhere, possibly in a good mood or maybe it puts you in a good mood. You’d have to be on a mission, possibly going to the corner store to buy a Golden Gaytime, perhaps?

Song 6: Landslide – Kirin J Callinan
An anthemic ballad. Fantastic film clip too.

Song 7: The Comeback – Alex Cameron
Someone told me it reminded them of The Boss, which now I can understand. I feel like it would be truly fitting in an ’80s rat-pack film or something, back to back with Simple Minds. I like how it doesn’t give too much away, the song putters along really well.

Song 8: He’s In Stock – Twerps
I found a lot of music growing up by watching a tonne of US skate films. I think I was equally excited to hear the music as I was to watch the movie when it was available, the credits at the end were a goldmine. When I first heard He’s In Stock I had the same rush of excitement over me. I pictured it being quite fitting for something like that.

Song 9: Red Moon – The Family Jordan
A Brisbane band led by a songwriter called Jordan Rochfort. If I know a purist, it’s Jordan. The guy writes beautiful music and it really should be heard. I think this is all he has on SoundCloud but there’s definitely more on Bandcamp. Red Moon is emotional and classic.