I’m Tarik and I play in Chase City. We just released a new single titled A-N-X-T. Upon forming we use to play guitar-based indie music, however in recent times our sound has changed to encompass a lot more synth elements. We will be releasing our debut album in July as well as heading over to Europe to tour.

Song 1: Michael Moore – Bad Pony
We have been mates with Bad Pony for a while. This track is bloody ace, it takes a little while to hit the main chorus but when it comes it’s golden. Indie pop music that is a bit more technical and thought out than your average band. Bad Pony have a killer live set to.

Song 2: Harder To Find – The VANNS
First band we ever toured with, bunch of loose cannons. These guys have changed heaps over the years from Jinja Safari-influenced indie pop through to a more rock and bluesy sound. Their new direction is them at their best I reckon. This one sounds like something Catfish & The Bottlemen might come out with if they spent a few months by the beach in the Gong!

Song 3: GirlNortheast Party House
Insanely good track and production. How are these guys not a world beating band yet? It’s like Blur cross The Rapture and so darn catchy.

Song 4: Bravado – Kieran J Callinan
Really don’t know much about this dude but have been reading that he is a bit of a controversial artist? Either way, this is a killer track and his voice is something else.

Song 5: Boyfriend (Repeat) – Confidence Man
I remember hearing this track on Unearthed and listened twice and sent it to a couple mates saying these guys are going to be really big. Low and behold they are already selling out shows across the country. One of those songs that get you instantly.

Song 6: Drown It Out – Maddy Jane
Another Tassie plug. Maddy’s been playing solo and in bands around Hobart for a little while but she totally set the standard with this one. Just love those guitar lines.

Song 7: Call My Name – Mosquito Coast
Another track that you just love after first listen. Love the super minimal production and anyone who sounds like Emily Haines (Metric) is a winner for me!

Song 8: Zinedine Zidane – Close Counters (remix)
Two awesome Melbourne-based acts in one. The original is a viral track by Vaudeville Smash that is remixed by Close Counters. Saw this one live in Sydney the other week and it was so sick.