Don’t be surprised if you’ve been hearing the name Mallrat around a lot lately – I’m trying to think of a festival line-up from this year that she isn’t a part of… and Grace Shaw is barely out of high school!

We had a chat about the chaos of life on and off tour and what’s coming up for lil’ Mallrat in her big, big world!

Playing Falls Festival earlier this year, her own Sidechains tour and Peking Duk’s Clouwntown tour, she’s now headed back on the road as not only a support for BFF Allday’s Speeding tour, but Split Milk, Listen Out, Maroochydore Music & Visual Arts Festivals AND Splendour In The Grass – just to name a few! I got a big “Ummmmmmmmm” when I asked what she was most excited for, followed by, “I can’t really choose, but maybe seeing Lil Yachty at Splendour!” and I’m sure she won’t be alone on that one.

Shaw clearly has her hands full lately, but there is definitely lots to be looking forward to. We got a sneak peek of what’s to come when, late last month, Oh Boy released a new sparkly single Rush Hour which has our favourite girl featuring! As for some new OG Mallrat, it’ll be a couple more months, though as they say… all good things come to those who wait!

It wasn’t too long ago that Shaw was still in school figuring things out on Garage Band, when her career got a little fast tracked, or, as described by Shaw herself, “A little bit more legit,” when she begun meeting with producers. Since then she told me not much has really changed. “I still just write vocals with instrumentals, but now I’m more involved in making the instrumentals.” With that probably being the biggest change to her music making process, bigger changes have been made in her lifestyle. Back and forth from LA, Mallrat moved to Melbourne only a couple days before our interview.

Commonly known as the Hannah Montana of the rap game, Shaw assured me the Disney character is definitely someone who inspires her, along with a mix of influences like Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Flume and some folk artists. “I like all sorts of things!” she laughs. This lucky lady from Brisbane will soon be playing a set at the same festival of one of her icons, Lorde – “It’s going to be so cool, I should’ve said that’s actually the thing I’m most looking forward too!”

I tried to find out some on tour goss, tapping into any rituals she may have. “I probably should develop some sort of ritual,” she muses, “we normally just hang out and have some tea.” I dug a little deeper asking what she may want to begin doing pre-show. “Probably like a dance party!” Now that’s what we’re talking about!

On-tour gossip continues when Allday and Mikey HUNJ jump on the line, revealing some of the crazy tour antics that have gone down while on the road. Mikey told me what we wanted to hear… “There were all these drunk people,” his story begins, “and Mallrat and I were the only people who were sober, and we made a cubby house and we hid inside it.” This was followed by Allday’s input, “I threw a chair off a balcony,” and again Mikey, “We got Mallrat to prank call someone and it went pretty badly…” A tour with these three is definitely the type of tour I would love to be a part of – dancing to hip hop music, sneaking into clubs and more prank calls were also added to the list, I don’t think I would ever stop laughing and it seems like these three haven’t either!

Shaw’s track For Real has recently been made the song attached to Google’s new advertisement campaign. This was a super unexpected surprise for her, as the track was written in her room on school holidays about her friends, and now it’s reached the great heights of TV and YouTube fame. Making more music along with finalising another EP, there is still so much to come for this little superstar! Sadly it’s not all here quite yet but it’s definitely what’s next alongside all the tours and shows! Plus, she’s just inked a deal with US Nettwerk Music Group and signed to Dew Process/UMA.

Be sure to see Mallrat on a fezzy stage this year – she’s definitely not one you want to miss! With SITG creepin’ up and MMVAF not long after, we can’t wait to bop along with her.

26 August, Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Festival, Old Horton Park Golf Course, Sunshine Coast