2 Mar, Metro Theatre

When Lil Spacely walked onto the stage at the Metro Theatre on Friday night, the crowd shared whispers of confusion. Bouncing onto the stage in parka jackets, bum bags and shoulder bags, and swinging around a sweat towel, they looked like it was a surprise to them that they were about to open up for one of Australia’s biggest hip hop artists on his Vintage Modern tour. “I should have done my research,” I heard the guy next to me whisper to his girlfriend.

I hadn’t heard of Lil Spacely until this point, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. They came onto the stage with so much energy that for a while I thought I was guilty of wrongly judging a book by its cover, but that didn’t last long. The more their set progressed, the more worn out and reserved they became. Maybe it was the lack of applause or engagement from the audience, but it seemed as though they no longer wanted to be on the stage and grabbed the first opportunity to exit.

Pez is a man who needs no introduction to any 360 fan, since the two rappers have collaborated countless times. From the moment he entered the stage, Pez had the crowd wrapped around his finger. Full of incredible energy and passion, he made up for the vibe Lil Spacely had left. Halfway through a track towards the end of his set, Pez forgot a verse to one of his songs. Usually, this would be a deal breaker, but he handed it so professionally and was able to have a joke about it, that by the end of the song, you forgot it had even happened.

Pez had a way with the audience and was a favourite to the two girls in the front row who he would consistently call out to, taking their phone to record his set on selfie-mode from the stage. “I think it’s time to bring 360 out for real this time… I can’t believe you guys keep falling for that. He’s the headliner. I can’t bring him out,” was a favourite and overused joke of his for the night, but the crowd seemed to love it every time.

Making his grand entrance with White Lies, 360 won the attention of the audience from the first word and engaged their attention to his last in Run Alone, performing songs from Vintage Modern as well as some old-school songs. Pez was bought out for three collaborations with 360, including the popular Coup De Grâce from 360’s most recent album. Not only were their vocals so in sync, the friendship shared on the stage was beautiful and showed just how down to earth the two rappers really are.

Between songs, 360 is not a man of words. He’d rather keep the set going. However, before performing Drugs, he took the time to thank the audience for coming out. He explained the last time he was on the road, he had to cancel due to an overdose on his Utopia tour in 2014.  “I thought I had ruined my career and relationship with fans, so thank you all for coming out tonight,” he said.

I was disappointed 360 didn’t perform Tiny Angel, but overall, 360 truly proved that he is, for all intents and purposes, an artist re-invigorated.