After moving from his hometown of Brisbane down to Melbourne to follow his passion of music, Graham the Grand is ready to release the music he has spent the entire year creating.

With a sound comparable to EDEN and even a touch of home-grown KIAN, the multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer brings a DIY talent that has enabled him to create and produce the exact sound he has envisioned. Sourcing inspiration from artists including Nothing, Nowhere, EDEN, Jeremy Tucker and XXXTentacion, Graham the Grand has created an indie/pop/hip-hop fusion of storytelling honesty.

His latest project, I Don’t Know Why I Feel The Way I Do extrapolates the hardships faced by Graham the Grand during his ongoing journey with anxiety and depression – a theme that ripples through the subject matter of each song on the project.

“I pretty much named the album I Don’t Know Why I Feel The Way I Do because it’s a learning journey for me trying to be okay with anxiety and acknowledging that I don’t know why I feel the way I do and learning to be okay with that. I’m trying to create something in these more difficult stages of my mass,” Graham said.

“Whether this album impacts ten people or a hundred people, I just really hope it impacts people on a personal level and people feel like they have someone to relate to and someone to connect with, and that they know they’re not alone.

“If you’re going to listen to it, listen to it with an open mind. Don’t go into it with any sort of expectation. Otherwise, you might not find what you wanted.”

Go delivers an nostalgic, down-tempo, melancholic reflection on the experience Graham the Grand has had with another. Filled with light guitars, a mellow synth layer and a kick drum coupled with rolling percussion, the track provides a simple and powerful arrangement that pushes Graham’s Kian-like vocals to the front of the mix. It showcases a raw emotion that captures its listener.

“The story behind Go is about me being difficult in a relationship and being in that place of trying to predict whether the significant other is going to leave or not. It was written from that stage of waiting for that person to move on. You think that you’ve been difficult and that they’re better than you.”

While Graham’s vocals bring out the raw and emotive feelings within him, it’s his incredible DIY talent that makes him stand out from the crowd. “I do everything myself. I’ve always wanted to do everything myself, but I also can’t really afford to book a producer and stuff like that, so I do it all myself. That starts from writing, recording, mixing and mastering.

“DIY projects are great because it means I can invest the money elsewhere, such as into publicity, but it also comes with some cons. Some people would argue that collaborating brings out better ideas, but a pro for me, too, is that I’m not very good at collaborating. I feel that when I work alone, I can be myself and I’m comforted, being honest.

With Graham the Grand sitting on a full-length project consisting of more than six self-produced bangers from I Don’t Know Why I Feel The Way I Do, he is definitely one to keep an eye on moving into 2019.

“I really want to start playing some shows, so that’s my next big things. I’m trying to put that together now. Ideally, I would have wanted to have some shows ready, but I guess it’s still pretty early stages for me, personally.

“I’ve already started working on the next project. I’m putting together something else like an EP or just some singles. During that, I’ll just be putting together a live show and hopefully start playing some shows.”