Writer and producer Gabriel Dunn has debuted his new project, Gabriel Paris, with his latest single, Galaxy. 

Gabriel Paris has written with the likes of Sammi Constantine, GRAACE, Ash Grunwald, Luke Wylde and many others. Ay any point in 2019, there was a track on the ARIA Charts that Gabriel had writing credits on. In August, he had the number one spot as well as four other tracks within the top 50 in the same week. He also has writing credits on the Warner Brothers/DC Film’s Aquaman Motion Picture Soundtrack.

“It feels absolutely amazing to finally have my first single out!” Gabriel said. “It was the culmination of a lot of work, so there has been a big sigh of relief on my end.

“The reaction has been so positive. I honestly couldn’t have imagined the number of old friends and strangers that have reached out to show support. I’m so grateful for everyone who has taken a few minutes to listen and give some encouragement.”

The debut release of Gabriel’s new project comes as a power ballad laced with unapologetic honesty and raw lyrics. Galaxy is a resignation to the longing of things that always seem out of reach. It’s also the acceptance of the hope that we might achieve those goals someday.

Beneath all of this, I was really just looking for an escape. Trying to create something that would help me avoid the feeling of being crushed under the weight of losing someone who had meant everything to me. Galaxy is an attempt to justify a mistake I made and the damage it caused.  It’s the hope that I would grow from it and become a better person because of it,” he explained.

Gabriel hopes his latest release creates a universal place where everyone can feel at home and understood. “I’ve written a song of hope and loss that everyone can relate to in an effort to help people see how alike we all are in order to bring us together.

The process of creating Galaxy began almost 18 months ago after a painful experience when Gabriel was able to look back and start to learn from it. “I slowly began to put pen to paper and write the song,” he explained. “The words themselves have stayed the same through the whole process, but due to the way my sound developed over this time, the music has changed dramatically. Countless reiterations of the same song wore me down,  but it all paid off when we landed on the final version of Galaxy.”

“I’ve been working within the music industry for a few years with other artists as a writer and producer which I have loved. Being able to experience and learn from fellow musicians has been a key part of growing into Gabriel Paris. I’m really looking forward to being able to start performing as soon as possible and work my way onto some festival stages. I want Gabriel Paris to become an integral part of the Australian music scene for years to come.”

With a body of works set for release later in the year, Gabriel Paris is one to keep on the radar!