It is a rare experience when an artist bares their soul in all its rawness to their audience. And I can assure you that it is even more unusual that an artist would be equally as candid in an interview. Queue Didirri Peters, a walking and singing dream. “A bit off an odd individual”, the native Melbournian singer/songwriter has blessed us with the precious quality of his blunt honesty, both on his tracks and in his performance (if that’s odd – we’re glad you are!)

“It’s been pretty wild,” he reflects on his breathtaking debut onto the music scene this year. A personal highlight was selling out his headline show at his local, the Northcote Social Club, only five months after releasing his first single, Jude. This welcome was a true reflection of the kind of impact he has on people.

Humbled by the response he has received to his singles, aforementioned Jude as well as Blind You, Randy Scouse Git (look these up on Spotify ASAP), Didirri’s greatest highlight has been the messages he has received from his audience when his music has affected them in a certain way.

“I worry that I’m bringing people down and it’s awesome to hear that it has the opposite effect,” he explained. His music deals with some big topics, some of which are incredibly close to the singer. Speaking of balancing his exploration of these intimate and at times confronting topics, and sharing them with an audience, he said “in terms of myself, I don’t really leave much off the table… If I’m going through something that I feel is pretty specific I quite often talk about it.” Didirri takes comfort in shared experiences, and by opening up conversations around the messages in his songs, the musician is creating a space that is something more than a fan base, but rather a true community.

“I’ve always thought my story was pretty boring, so I thought I’d spice it up, just completely tell big whoppers,” Didirri confessed, acknowledging his teenage habits as a compulsive liar, until as a 19-year-old he realised his experiences were worth telling – and hence, his infallible honesty. Beyond captivating them with his charming voice and beautifully provocative lyrics, Didirri focuses on engaging his audience in his art by first engaging them as individuals. As much as his songs, his live performances invite you to become more than acquainted with him, but to know him.

“Music is for moving people or making people move,” is the mantra Didirri performs and lives by. The consequence of a 3am thought, this sentiment reflects the singer. “A lot of people try to make music just to show off or whatever,” he commented, but to him, music is much more than even a talent. Instilled with a burning sense of justice, and having once even considered a life fighting crime in the police force, for a long time Didirri has been on a personal pursuit for truth: “that’s still what I do in music; I call things out for the truth.”

After wrapping up his headline tour, Didirri will be gracing audiences at Fairgrounds Festival in Berry on December 8 and 9. “I am looking forward to Future Islands,” he eagerly told me – the festival as exciting for him as it is for us. “There’s something about everyone putting their lives aside for a second just to experience music for a whole weekend,” Didirri added, describing the beautiful hiatus from ordinary life that music festivals support for both their audiences and their artists.

A deep thinker and equally as soulful, Didirri truly lives up to his name. “It’s on the birth certificate!” he laughs, and is in fact an Indigenous meditation which means “deep quiet listening”. A prophetic name, I dare say. His music already oozes his personal summation of the world, and you can expect to hear more of his perspective as Didirri teased an upcoming EP titled Measurements. The release date is TBC but couldn’t come soon enough IMO.

With the small taste the singer has given of himself, I honestly can’t wait to see what else Didirri shares with us. Thanks for making music that moves, Didirri.

1 December, Waywards, Sydney
2 December, Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
8-9 December, Fairgrounds Festival, Berry
3 December, NYE On The Hill Festival, Gippsland