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Video Premiere: Sammi Constantine and Gabriel Paris release live performance of Roses

Written by on 22 April 2021

  Last week, power couple musicians Sammi Constantine and Gabriel Paris released their beautifully captivating piano duet, ‘Roses.’ Now we’re ready to feel mesmerised by their compelling vocals again with the release of their live performance video released today. Filmed by Trystin Sinnott, this video is a completely live version recorded, mixed and mastered by […]

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Gabriel Paris: On acceptance and starting a new project

Written by on 10 April 2020

Writer and producer Gabriel Dunn has debuted his new project, Gabriel Paris, with his latest single, Galaxy.  Gabriel Paris has written with the likes of Sammi Constantine, GRAACE, Ash Grunwald, Luke Wylde and many others. Ay any point in 2019, there was a track on the ARIA Charts that Gabriel had writing credits on. In August, […]

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ALAE: On all things Summer

Written by on 8 April 2020

We may not be able to rush to the beach right now, but ALAE’s latest single, Summer Thing, will leave you reminiscing on the good times and have you boogying around the house during your isolation. Summer Thing marks the Auckland act’s second release from their forthcoming five-track EP, due for release in June. Lunchbox caught up […]

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AYA YVES: On insanity and the birth of a new project

Written by on 31 March 2020

Aya Yves captivates and haunts with her transcendent new single, (in)Sanity, released today and honestly, it’s a bop! I had the pleasure of first listening to this song about a week or so ago, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since! Aya Yves is the new project of singer/songwriter Vendulka, who has transcended her folk-pop […]

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Zaynik: On making his debut, electronic music and loss

Written by on 18 February 2020

Electronic music artist, Zaynik (AKA Connor Blake), has made a great first impression and debut with the release of Strangers which features vocalist Melissa Kate. After many years of hard work, Zaynik described his debut as a surreal feeling. “I’ve been producing on and off since I was about 14 years old,” he said. “I […]

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The Female George: On Handsome Girls and Pretty Boys

Written by on 18 September 2019

2019 has been a great year for music so far! While music is great to dance along to, it also serves as a great platform for positively opinionated people to encourage others to think about the issues we face daily. The Female George’s (Ally Georges) debut single Handsome Girls and Pretty Boys does exactly this. Throughout my first listen […]

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BATTS invites you on a journey through space

Written by on 7 April 2019

A debut album is something to cherish for any artist and for Tanya Batt, her debut BATTS album, The Grand Tour, holds an even more special connection to her as it combines two of her loves – music and space. The concept album, based on the NASA project of Voyager 1, a space probe that […]

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Evol Walks: Our Time is Now – “We are the future”

Written by on 16 February 2019

With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamic lead singer and a predilection for rock and roll, Evol Walks have rapidly emerged as a heavyweight contender. Lead by Los Angeles-based Australian singer-songwriter Leah Martin-Brown, these rockers have bagged two EPs, earned plaudits from fans across the world and played across three continents. Evol Walks are […]

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Xavier Rudd: On activism, touring and storm boy

Written by on 7 February 2019

Taronga Zoo’s Twilight at Taronga Summer Series has released singer-singer writer Xavier Rudd will be a headlining act at the concert in February. The Twilight at Taronga Summer Series has this year teamed up with the American Express Music Backers Grant, creating a non-for-profit event to showcase upcoming Aussie talent. All proceeds funded from Twilight […]

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Little May: New beginnings, members and music

Written by on 21 January 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“To have people interested in something you do is really nice”. Liz Drummond hasn’t done an interview for a while so it makes our chat about the return of Little May even more special. New single, Lover, released late in 2018, is a stunning return, combining the sweetness we’ve come to know with a new […]

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