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Author: Kieran J Hennessy

POLOSHIRT: On Gender in Music, Music-Minded Pets & Getting Lost at Splendour

Written by on 29 July 2018

Nostalgic. Happiness tinged with loss. Misery in a major key.* That’s Polographia, the duo of Moktar Sharouny and Daniel John Stapleton. Combine this with the eclectic yet smooth-as-fark vocals of Winston Surfshirt, and you have the newest Aussie collaborative project dripping into your earholes in the light of a neon sunset. Or a European summer, [...]

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EMC 2017 Wrap

Written by on 6 December 2017

29-30 November, Giant Dwarf & Cake Wines Cellar Door 'Kieran J Hennessy Crashes EMC & Global Cities After Dark Conferences, Finds Free Food' My shirt clung to me with mad sweat from the hot walk to the first of three days of music conferences. I was late, of course, and had missed the Global Cities [...]

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VIVID: Thandi Phoenix at Eye Live Project

Written by on 19 June 2017

16 June, Sydney Tower Eye With one of the most uniquely spectacular venues for an intimate live performance, it’s hard to go wrong. It’s even harder to go wrong with Thandi Phoenix, one of the most promising rising Aussie vocalists. We were stumbling through the empty Westfield trying to find the elevator up to the [...]

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