Gritty rock outfit WAAX out of Brisbane are ready to drop their much-anticipated EP Wild & Weak just after touring alongside Kingswood. With their own headline tour in the works for mid 2017, this one couldn’t have come at a better time.

Produced by Miro Mackle (Major Leagues, Jeremy Neale, The John Steele Singers) and mastered by the renowned Joe LaPorta (David Bowie, Foo Fighters) WAAX have taken the bold move to release the EP independently.

Singer/songwriter Marie De Vita has explained that this EP has taken a much more introspective turn. The five-track compendium is diverse and a cool balance of youthful angst and crashing fury.

WAAX does fuck you like no other. Opening track Wild & Weak is filled with melody and strength of lyricism, without losing that dirty rock dusted on top. This Everything again intertwines pop hooks and drums you just can’t ignore. Same Same is a total palette cleanser, fresh and liltingly poetic, with the slightly softer tone building nicely to lead into Nothing Is Always, a fiery and gripping slammer.

You Wouldn’t Believe is melancholic and brooding, rich and textural. It’s a dark song, but blends the elements of sweet lyrical narrative and zero-fucks-given delivery.

I would have liked a bit more diversity in tempo and tone, but overall WAAX didn’t falter in their powerful gaze, confident from beginning to end.

Wild & Weak is sharp, unapologetic and hits all the right notes for a great EP to take on tour, I look forward to seeing just how impactful these shows are bound to be.


WAAX – Wild & Weak EP
Released: 2 June, 2017 via Independent