Throwing out some incredible nostalgia from the ’80s and ’90s, Brisbane four-piece The Creases are back again and better than ever with their debut album, Tremolow.

Everything about this album, including its title, completely wraps itself together with a nice little indie/alternative bow.

‘Tremolo’ itself is a musical term for the highs and lows of volume – something that completely encapsulates the band and their current sounds on this 12-track masterpiece.

Everybody Knows, Is It Love, Point, and Impact may be the singles you’ve already sung your heart out to, though the rest of the album is nothing you would want to skip passed. Frontman Joe Agius says, “Any song on Tremolow could be a single or a standout.” I could not agree more.

As the record flows track by track, it really picks up in the midst of Impact followed by supersonic track, Asshole. Latest single and album favourite, In My Car, has some really awesome spacey and ’80s vibes through its synths.

Were Young is a personal album highlight as it shares all groovy kinds of romantic, story-time talents to its lyrics and sound– along with being blessed by the lovely Ali Barter through the backing vocals.

The album is completed with a total banger of a track, Something’s Gotta Break, a song full of emotion and energy. Either way, there is not a single track throughout Tremolow that doesn’t have me imagining a wild crowd enjoying the live sounds of The Creases.

It’s all yours on 4 August – don’t miss out on this one.


The Creases – Tremolow
Released: 4 August, 2017 via Liberation Music