From humble beginnings busking on the streets of his home town of Byron Bay, to several sold out national shows and an upcoming support slot with Xavier Rudd, folk musician Kyle Lionhart is building quite a following for his laid-back, soulful sound. His second EP, Eleven & Two, presents a collection of seven simple yet emotional songs that are sure to cement his position as one of Australia’s emerging new talents.

For several of the songs, Lionhart’s voice and acoustic guitar feature almost independently of other instrumentation. Lionhart intimately serenades the listener with his voice, allowing the atmosphere to settle before the drums and strings eventually enter, creating a more natural and less intrusive progression.

Notable songs include the anthemic single Sweet Girl, which features the accompaniment of hand claps and an almost gospel-sounding atmosphere, while Insincere, with its whistling melodies, has the feeling of a soundtrack to a modern day Western.

The haunting Class Clowns features a beautiful duet with female vocalist Burnell accompanied by melancholic strings, while the final track, You & I, builds from simple beginnings into a powerfully emotional release.

Much like his previous work, Eleven & Two is a short but sweet collection of pretty, wistful songs that showcase Lionhart’s simplistically impressive style. Like sitting by the fire on a beach after the sun has set, his music will invite you to listen a while, and may just stay with you even after the fire has gone out.


Kyle Lionheart – Eleven & Two EP

Released: 26 May, 2017 via Ivy League Records