Two years out from their debut album When The Storms Would Come, Holy Holy is back with a bold diversion from the expected on PAINT.

The ten-track compendium is a journey away from the sultry indie sound their audience came to know from their debut, delving into experimenting with synths and electric drums. Filled with narrative and a distinctive personality, PAINT provides a canvas for a broader understanding of the intent behind Holy Holy. Far from finding their feet as the debut manifested, this second album brings cohesion of sound and story, solidifying the group as a forerunner for indie Australian music.

Standout tracks include opening That Message – a blissful palette cleanser with sharp use of electric drums and synth. Moody melody carries throughout, not steering too far away from what we love about Holy Holy, but extracted enough that the record opens with a reverence that is hard to ignore.

True Lovers also delivers in delightful pop hooks and the storyline is so gorgeously interweaved with hard-to-suppress instrumental abandon. Ending in a glittering guitar and Tim Carroll’s brooding vocal familiarity with Send My Regards, PAINT is made of – as so many great albums are – standout tracks and several commentary. It is a triumph of experimentation that shows Holy Holy is more than capable of delivering in authenticity and flexibility.

A benchmark for diversity of sound, PAINT has presented the boys a challenge for album number three, but it seems an upward trajectory is the only way.


Holy Holy – Paint

Released: 24 February, 2017 via Wonderlick/Sony