We may not be able to rush to the beach right now, but ALAE’s latest single, Summer Thing, will leave you reminiscing on the good times and have you boogying around the house during your isolation.

Summer Thing marks the Auckland act’s second release from their forthcoming five-track EP, due for release in June. Lunchbox caught up with band member Alex following the release to talk all things Summer and the band’s future music.

Bottling sunshine into three minutes of top-down, head-nodding, sun-kissed euphoria, Summer Thing continues ALAE’s journey into Top 40 territory, which began with the radio smash hit, Hit Me Where It Hurts. 

Alex said their latest release has been received well and has opened many new doors for the band.

“It feels good to have this one out there,” Alex said. “It’s one of the few carefree tunes we’ve written and it’s really good to be able to show that off. I was nervous at first. I don’t think I would have been able to write a song like this a few years ago.”

Alex described summer as “carefree, happy and chill” and that vibe is well and truly reflected in the song. “Like summer, this song is infectious, catchy and makes you wanna groove a bit,” he added.

Co-written with Justin Gary, ALAE simply wanted to create something a little less serious that had an infectious beat. “Thematically, it’s all about allowing yourself to be in any situation whilst not caring about people’s perceptions and just exisiting happily.

“I’ve been thinking that my music has been a little bit selfish for the last while. Dealing with the themes in my own life isn’t always going to be relatable, so we thought about turning it all around and writing something that has a few less fucks to give.”

Summer Thing plays with the idea of a love match so perfect, it feels like Summer. Taking that thought and running in a different direction is directing duo Vision Thing who again partner with ALAE to create the single’s accompanying music video.

“The song is so catchy we’re pretty sure pretty sure it’s going to make even goths want to dance on the beach,” the duo said. “So, that’s the idea we pitched to the band – a male goth trying to win over a female goth with a sick song and some sick moves. We’re really proud of this video. ALAE are amazing to work with. They’re as chill and trusting as they are talented. Pretty sure they’re going to be kings of the world in the not-too-distant future.”

If the forthcoming EP is anything like ALAE’s previous releases, we just know you’re going to love it!

“I think every song on the new E.P. is different,” Alex said. “The vocals and the overall production is what ties it all together. We’ve done a bit of an experiment with our newer stuff, so I’m just waiting to see what everyone thinks of it all.”

ALAE are definitely a band to keep on your radar for the remainder of the year! Summer Thing is out now, so have a listen and have a boogie!