Taronga Zoo’s Twilight at Taronga Summer Series has released singer-singer writer Xavier Rudd will be a headlining act at the concert in February.

The Twilight at Taronga Summer Series has this year teamed up with the American Express Music Backers Grant, creating a non-for-profit event to showcase upcoming Aussie talent. All proceeds funded from Twilight at Taronga this year will be put back into the famous Zoo’s conservation and research work- a concept all to familiar for multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd.

Rudd’s activism work stretches from fighting for the rights of indigenous Australians, to volunteering for American animal protection charity Peta. He uses his platform as a way of sending a humanitarian message to a wider audience.

“It’s important work, what we do. I try to use it [his music] as good medicine, it’s not always about me and how I feel. It’s about delivering that music, it’s my role. That’s the gift that I’ve been given.”

Talking about his activism work, Rudd said, “I’m always involved with something, we’re getting a project together at the moment where we’re going to raise some money to fund dormitories for kids in Zimbabwe at [the] bush borders.

“We’re going to release that campaign soon.”

Switching between his life as a musician and an activist, Rudd hasn’t had much time to breathe since the release of his previous album in 2012. His new solo album Storm Boy documents Rudd’s last six years spent travelling, writing and touring with nine-piece Reggae band, United Nations.

“I did the United Nations project that I put together… we toured around the world, I haven’t had much time off. I wrote everything in between. I was quietly chipping away at Storm Boy in amongst that.”

Supported by Tay Oskee, Rudd will be forming two nights at the Twilight at Taronga Series, the second of which he plans to play as a solo set.

“I’m going to play most of the record over the two nights, the quieter stuff probably on the second night.”

This year, Rudd will take Storm Boy on the road for an international audience making it his most comprehensive tour to date. With over 100 shows booked across North America, the UK, and Europe this year Rudd’s hoping to spread a message to a larger crowd with his latest album.

“If all religions of the world could come together in peace and remember that our earth is special and we’re apart of it, not just on top of it, then society… might be a little more careful with how we tread. That is the most important thing on the planet right now.”

Rudd went on to say that he was happy to be home and playing local shows as, “these days it tends to be more international than anything, I don’t seem to do much in Australia anymore which is a bit of a bummer… I love playing here.

“I’m touring with a great band, I’m enjoying playing the record and the whole live thing- I’m happy to be in Aus again.”

Rudd will be playing alongside other Aussie musicians including The Waifs, Bjorn Again, Bleeding Knees Club and Vera Blue.

Twilight at Taronga Summer Concert Series

Xavier Rudd, Friday 15 February 2019, Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Xavier Rudd, Sunday 17 February 2019, Taronga Zoo, Sydney