Name: Vic August

Growing up, what drew you to hip hop? Where there any artists or aspects of the scene which inspired you?
I discovered hip hop in middle school through rap battles between Years 7 and 9. As I delved into bigger rap acts such as Lil Wayne and Drake, the quick thinking and storytelling aspects of the genre is what really pulled me in. This was around the time Wayne and Drake were on a joint tour and their buzz was crazy; I had their songs playing for all my waking and sleeping moments for about three months straight. My pen game been crazy ever since.

How have you seen the hip hop genre / community change over the years?
I’ve seen the country go from the older boom bap-type movement that was popular a few years ago to this new wave we’re at the forefront of. I’ve seen people from all over the world listen to my music and tell me they connect with what I’m saying and emphasising the impact it’s had on certain times of their life. I’ve seen our lyrical content evolve greatly. I’ve seen, and played a part in, Aus New Wave R&B take over the charts. It’s a great feeling.

To you, what defines Australian hip hop?
The youth.

What do you think lays in the future for our local scene?
We’re definitely breaking all types of barriers and heading overseas. There’s a lot of great Australian artists out there doing their thing and getting worldwide attention. All this is already in motion.

Is there anything in particular that you and your music seek to achieve?
I’m definitely an innovator; I can hear my influence throughout the nation already. My music is an open journal and I document as much as I can. Life is one big roller coast with highs and lows and I make music for people going through those and the grey areas; I have tracks you can listen to when you’re at a low point and they can make you feel like you’re ready to take on anything, and I’ve got tracks for when you’re at a high point that can make you feel like you’re the greatest to ever do whatever it is you do. For me, forwarding the culture will always be priority. It all starts with vulnerability and honesty.

How did you come to submit your track to the WVS Next Gen Competition, and what was your thought process while waiting for the results?
I’ve been observing WVS from a distance for a while and thought the idea of having a Next Gen situation was dope. I think I sent two tracks in. The waiting period was cool, I was still recording every night so it felt like any other day.

Tell us a little about the track you submitted:
My track Centrefold is custom built for Melbourne. Centrefold is a gentleman’s club ’round there and I made sure to incorporate that element of the city in it to give a moment to the people they could remember and enjoy. It’s got a really nice bounce to it.

How did you feel when you were announced as one of the winners out of 120 entrants?!
Blessed. I’m working ten times harder now.

What are you most looking forward to at the WVS Next Gen Showcase?
Getting to interact with the people and giving them a night to remember. I’m actually gonna see some of my most loyal fans for the first time ever through this event so I’m really excited in particular to let those guys and girls know I appreciate them.

How do you see independent hip hop labels like WVS making a difference in the Aussie hip hop community?
WVS is already the go-to for a lot of artists. The head guy knows what he’s doing. I rock with the man den at WVS. I feel like these guys can really push some great music nationwide.

Which other up and coming hip hop artists do you think should be on everyone’s radar?
I’m a 6K yute personally so of course I’d have to say Home Baked. Figuero Jones is definitely doing his thing. Black Napoleon, Evanda. Kay Mass, Nabii nem. Everyone coming out of the 6K has my full support. Oh and there’s this guy called Vic August, he’s nice with it too.

Tell us about what you’ll be doing next!
If I told you I’d have to kill you 😉

Head along to WVS‘ first annual NEXT GEN Live Showcase, featuring 11 of the best up and coming hip hop artists from around Australia.

25 Jan, The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy. 

Tickets are FREE! For more information, or to RSVP, click HERE.

Jessica Jade
Elijah Yo
Mike Wang
Kid Pharoah
Jose Halftime
Figuero Jones
Vic August

Plust special guests:
Kwasi x HFNR