Name: Jessica Jade

Growing up, what drew you to hip hop? Where there any artists or aspects of the scene which inspired you?
I’ve always been a really shy person. The energy that hip hop gives off – especially in rap songs – is what drew me to hip hop. In hip hop it’s not just about music, it’s about a lifestyle, a culture, community. That’s what drew me in.

How have you seen the hip hop genre / community change over the years?
There is definitely a lot more support when it comes to being different in the scene, I think everyone loves someone that is refreshing. So hip hop music has really branched out to other genres, making us bigger as a community. With not just support, but also as artists.

To you, what defines Australian hip hop?
Community and support.

What do you think lays in the future for our local scene?
Big things for everyone.

Is there anything in particular that you and your music seek to achieve?
I want my music to be relatable, to help people escape and create memories and moments with my music. It’s all really a build up at the end of the day, to be able to use music as an even bigger platform to help people socially and mentally and leave a positive mark on the world.

How did you come to submit your track to the WVS Next Gen Competition, and what was your thought process while waiting for the results?
I honestly didn’t really know what to expect because I know how many amazing artists are out here in Australia.

Tell us a little about the track you submitted:
I submitted I’m Good and this track is about a bunch of people actually. I just graduated high school so it was a learning experience of me letting people go, and just doing my own thing. Finding my place in the world, for myself and by myself. Just saying to everyone, ‘It’s okay, I’m good’ without you in my life.

How did you feel when you were announced as one of the winners out of 120 entrants?!
I was excited, and surprised at the same time! A little nervous though…

What are you most looking forward to at the WVS Next Gen Showcase?
Seeing all the amazing artists performing!

How do you see independent hip hop labels like WVS making a difference in the Aussie hip hop community?
It’s really giving artists more independence and freedom to do what they want, as well as the support that they need from any label.

Which other up and coming hip hop artists do you think should be on everyone’s radar?
My heart belongs to the South-West, so Freesouls and Enzo and Pistol Pete.

Tell us about what you’ll be doing next!
I am releasing a mixtape and a few singles this year, so keep watch!

Head along to WVS‘ first annual NEXT GEN Live Showcase, featuring 11 of the best up and coming hip hop artists from around Australia.

25 Jan, The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy. 

Tickets are FREE! For more information, or to RSVP, click HERE.

Jessica Jade
Elijah Yo
Mike Wang
Kid Pharoah
Jose Halftime
Figuero Jones
Vic August

Plust special guests:
Kwasi x HFNR