27 May, The Lair

Walking into The Lair at Metro Theatre at 5pm on a Saturday is generally a strange time to see a bunch of indie-pop/rock bands unless you’re at a festival. Nevertheless, The Lair set the tone immediately. Think high (very high) ceilings, florescent blue lights and a bunch of schoolgirls jumping up and down frantically to an opening band they’d probably never heard of. This was how the first Saturday night of VIVID’s musical events went down.

First up Just Breathe rocked the crowd wearing fur – lots of it. This indie-pop, rock, roots and punk band offered plenty of diverse sounds for everyone. The lovely lady lead, Natalie Korompay, rocked an outrageously cool sequin dress and made great use of her rockin’ mane. Jon Snow doppelgänger Robbie Macpherson stood to the right on bass, while Edward Knapman pulled out some unexpectedly smooth trumpet tunes while not on guitar. The crowd loved it, swaying and gliding in unison.

Next up at 5:45pm, IVEY glided on stage; three dudes in white shirts began while another incredible leading lady made an entrance in red lippy and leather. Music enthusiasts packed together down the front, leaving room at the back for more to roll in. This indie-pop band shook the crowd of youngsters in ‘80s hippy attire while fluorescent pink lights shone overhead.

There was no need to wander off and accidentally miss out on a good spot for the next act as this was an U18s event and (sadly) devoid of tinnies.

After an anticipating pause, 6.30pm came and unbearably cool The VANNS took the lead. Scruffy hair bounced as they strutted onto the stage all in black, aside from drummer Lachie Jones who rocked a white T at the back. The crowd catcalled and screamed at the top of their lungs as the band begun strumming their sleek red guitars to Keep My Cool (potentially a message to the over-enthused youngsters to chill a little?) They were backed by flaming yellow and red light as lead Jimmy Vann broke the silence: “How the fuck is everyone doing?!”

Despite the spacious high ceilings, the crowd certainly compensated; a perk of a young audience is that they’re hyper as hell and the vibe was insane. Everyone danced like crazy as Cam Little introduced some piano. Joker and Operator played as people began to hop on shoulders.

As per usual, enthusiasts danced downstairs while the introverts hung up top, watching from above. Vann spoke again: “This is the first show of our tour… what a fucking good way to start it off! Hey, help us sing along, this song’s about a little street in Newtown,” as they begin the renowned Belmore Street.

Half way through, the crowd clapped in accord to new tune followed by oldie Guilty Love. We melted as Vann purred, “hold me” into the mic. I’m Not The One followed as their long hair began to stick to their sweaty necks. Their cover of Never Tear Us Apart by INXS heated up the room, and two people were kicked out for doing stupid shit like trying to run on stage. Harder To Find was their ‘last song’ as they pretended to abruptly leave while every one chanted “One more song! One more song!”

Encore was, surprisingly, a new song, low key and chilled, the crowd responding immediately. Last up, Sunday To Sunday left the stimulated youths with some incredible memories.

Image credit: Dane Filmer