I remember the first time I saw Vallis Alps live.

It was at Groovin The Moo last year. As incredible as that was, however, a lot of growth has been manifested into their music since then, as their sound explodes into all aspects of performance and entertainment.

Vallis Alps are known for their utterly stunning lyrics and independent sound. The Australian/American duo have skyrocketed into the scene in the past few years; releasing a second EP Fable and announcing a world tour as well as well as doing multiple festival sets along the way.

Midway through doing the dishes I managed to get in contact with Parissa Tosif, one-half of Vallis Alps, who discussed the busy lifestyle that David Ansari and herself have adapted to.

“It’s honestly felt like a whirlwind. But also I feel like there’s been enough time to just stop and be like, ‘Wow this is insane!’… every time we do a festival its just like ‘Holy moly, crazy!”

Tosif, after spending a weekend in Jakarta, discussed playing shows and questioning the surrealism that came along with it.

Embarking on their world tour with their latest EP, the duo has taken on London and the US before hitting home shores. “It’s interesting to see the difference of festivals around the world and experience that festival environment in a whole other place,” she muses.

Just when we thought Vallis Alps couldn’t get any more irresistible, however, Tosif shared what goes on behind the scenes before each show.

“It’s funny because we’re independent. We try and do a lot ourselves. So really before a show we’re usually doing things… We’re getting the stage ready or especially David anyway. He does all the tech aspects of the stage.” She took this further by expressing the need for reflection. “In terms of like the last moments before a show, we just try and take a deep breath and remind ourselves of the purpose and why we’re making music.” 

Their latest project, Fable, is just as pure and humble as the two-piece themselves, a creation of a moving and minimalistic body of work. It really is the perfect combination of short and sweet.

“We were a bit nervous [about the release] because it was kind of different in many ways from the first EP, and we tried to make it kind of different and still we appreciated, the people that find that creative connection that they really like about our sound.”

The writing process occurred almost totally on tour last year, but what is definite is that every part of Tosif and Ansari’s process is done together to be a shared experience.

The EP is made up of beautiful songs with beautiful meanings. “Serity is about the power of the mind but it also discusses how you need your community and trust from the universe and other spirits to assist you when you’re down,” Tosif explained, sharing that East is also a powerful track for young people influenced by the recent movements and collective action happening around the world.

Fable as a whole is a story of pure genius in itself; a note for our future selves captured as young people.

“Basically Fable came about because we were discussing how we could encapsulate this time and kind of pass on lessons of being young and the things that were thinking about to our older selves.” She furthers this by expressing, “As we age we get more complacent and comfortable and we wanted to share these lessons that we’re thinking about for our future.”

I’ve been assured that both Ansari and Tosif are constantly working on music and creating new content to once again bless our ears, sounds promising, doesn’t it?

The interview ended on both a good and bad note after it was said that Ansari would be moving back to the States after the tour ends to get married. But never fear – the duo will still be writing together from a distance until they eventually reunite!

We can’t wait to hear more from them. 

30 Sept, Listen Out Festival, Sydney
1 Oct, Listen Out Festival, Brisbane
25 Nov, Spilt Milk Festival, Canberra