Album – A Slight Hi by High-Tails

1. All The Time

Fast-paced and crispy little pop opener, with a real Australiana flair. This one has swooning and airy vocals, with great builds and that signature lengthy wail from frontman Nicholas Griffith it’s a top opener to the record.

2. Into The Light

This one is a really sparkly and light-hearted, with that fun bebop undercurrent which then runs smoothly into a shredding guitar solo. It’s a clever track and a definite favourite. Simple but with punch.

3. Family Holiday

The record takes a slower turn here, a husky vocal tone carries this narrative, ebbing and flowing with a light chiming rhythm behind. The subtle choral accompaniment builds it up to a new level of substance.

4. Shoop Shoop

This funky little number has just the right amount of jazzy keys and suave attitude to take the record to a really sexy level. Lyrically we go down a rabbit hole of a long distance romance, it’s fun but honest and speaks to young love in a digital age with a brilliant relevance.

5. Cool Wind & Pavement

Into a more anthemic tone, this mournful and darker track somehow takes me to The Smiths, that slow lulling vocal hum is very Morrissey, with a dapper serious attitude throughout. It’s an interesting divergence from their earlier half of the record. That guitar solo really is a killer though!

6. Bubblegum

So, if you didn’t know whether High-Tails liked drum machines, you do now. With a glittering veneer, this sweet and dramatic song likens a woman to a stick of sugar sweet gum. The inability to let go of something that is so good but so bad.  The track is simple, but with a really sorrowful intent that is hard not to fall into.

7. Stickn Round

And we are back up! Stickn Round is twangy and filled with fanfare, and hellooo Lou Reed! This one has a killer chorus and wonderful choral builds, a real cracker of a track that you won’t want to miss, and I know first hand that it is seriously tight when seen live.

8. Sushi Train

I love Sushi Train. The actual sushi train, so when I got into this one I was really keen, and while it’s a sweet track, it doesn’t have the same punchy bright intensity of the rest of the record. That twangy little guitar riff is tight though.

9. Feels Right

This one is again on the simple side, with a glittery little drip drop keys line in the back, it’s whimsical and pretty.

10. Friends Forever

Ahhhh I love this track, it’s melancholy but with guts and a big courageous chorus; a slow dance song, romantic and warm. Fuzzy feelings all ’round.

11. So Long

Get groovy everyone, So Long has a bopping fun beat to it, lyrically filled with attitude and that articulate narrative that High-Tails do so well. They really know how to paint a picture with that frank infectious crooning.

12. Heavy Nights, Heavy Days

A sombre end to the record, slow and mournful – this one isn’t what you’d expect for a closer, but it’s a sweet wrap up to an overall great record.