If Jo (lead singer) isn’t one of the most energetic performers I’ve seen, period, then I don’t know what to believe. Jumping around, the passion was shot through the crowd via his body, a vessel that harnesses a form of expression not attained by most.

Playing to a packed out Sydney crowd at the Lansdowne (one of the venues injecting Sydney with nightlife), the boys seemed glad to be back home. The crowd a mixture of rowdiness and appreciation, containing the baseline attributes of the Australian crowd with artistic appreciation rife from the onset.

I think I speak for many when I say that ‘Morphine’ was the highlight of the night. The unassuming intro bumps into a groove filled static that forces listeners to move. Regardless of what else is happening in life, at that moment, when the band were as deep in sync as the bpm machine in my head, the unfiltered sensitivity that that record invokes was front and centre in my mind.

I find it quite fitting that for their performance Jo decided to wear a polo he thrifted in Germany, hr then proceed to tell me post gig that he is moving to Germany. It was a full circle moment that made me appreciate how artists are people too. It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that artists exist solely to create music, they live real lives as well.

With a rise as organic as I’ve ever seen, Tora took their time coming into themselves. Continually evolving, the band has had shakeups, which leant to a slight rework of their style. Each track, regardless of its’ release date, still holds up live.

I wish to leave you with an outtake from Tora’s song named ‘Deviate’, take from it what you will;

“Alleviate the prisms of mine,
Appreciate the wisdom we find”