If the lineups already coming out for fezzy season are anything to go by, Aussie artists are literally taking the country by storm.

The last time I got to have a chat with the extraordinary Tia Gostelow was in January.

Eight months ago the singer-songwriter had just announced her Hunger single and competition  and performed all over the country on tour with Bernard Fanning.

I thought this ultimate lady boss could not possibly have exceeded her limits yet again, but here we are! In that time she has launched her record label, Lovely Records, released dates for her upcoming debut album, and there’s talk of plenty more touring.

The queen of regional MacKay also packed up her bags and only very recently made her way down to Brisbane. Having literally just moved a couple weeks ago, Gostelow is giving herself time to settle down before she’s off on tour in support of her upcoming album, Thick Skin.

Thick Skin is set to come out this September 21 via her very own Lovely Records and, in her own words, offers “a very broad amount of songs… it’s just very diverse.”

She says she definitely found the writing more challenging than the recording. “[The writing process] was different for every song I guess, I did a lot of co-writes, so I was writing in all different places – it was very experimental, I think.”

Co-writing with the likes of Alex Hendrickson on a few album tracks, as well as the already-released single Strangers with LANKS, Gostelow says that she “didn’t go into it thinking it was going to be an album, so I was just like writing stuff and my manager was like, ‘Do you think we should release an album?’ And we did!

“The recording process has been so fun; my band are like my brothers.”

Strangers is Gostelow’s latest single following last year’s banger Hunger – “It’s probably the most excited I’ve ever been about a song.”

Inspired by her boyfriend, Gostelow let down her walls and allowed herself to at least write one cringy love song.

“I really never write love songs,” say explained. “I also feel kind of opposed to it, just because most people write about it and sometimes it comes across as cringy, but my boyfriend had been nagging me for so long to write a song about him.”

Thick Skin touches on topics of adulthood, being fresh out of high school and just trying to do your best with what you can. The album title came about by simply researching some words and synonyms.

“I saw Thick Skin and thought ‘That is like, really cool’, and it’s been like a huge topic throughout the album as well so I think it fits perfectly.”

With only a few more weeks left until we get to hear the full length of Thick Skin in all its glory, Gostelow left us with one last little teaser to keep us willing and waiting… three words: Like A Version.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you are missing out!

Tia Gostelow took her band to triple j HQ in Sydney and fulfilled a very long awaited dream. Completely out-doing herself in her rendition of Empire of the Sun’s We Are The People.

“Like a Version was one of my biggest goals.

“I’ve had this list of songs I’d consider doing and We Are The People was just always at the top… I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Empire of the Sun and it’s a huge song!”

With a major, positive response to everything that’s already happened this year for Tia Gostelow, there is only plenty more to come.

Don’t forget to mark September 21 in your calendars and keep an eye out for an album release party near you!