March 24, Lansdowne Hotel

The Ruminaters Sydney leg of the Left Our Jobs Forever Bus Tour at The Lansdowne on Saturday night presented more like a mini-festival on the poster. Featuring sets from Rosa Maria, Blandy Bandy, The Uplifting Bellends, Cosmic Flanders and the unforgettable Crocodylus, it was almost impossible for this show to be anything other than spectacular. The night started early with a bunch of short sharp showcases from local supports before the highly anticipated main support Crocolyus took the stage. Co-frontmen Josh Williams (who also plays drums for The Ruminaters) and Stephen Sacco were electrifying. Wildy performative and with a vocal confidence beyond his years, this is a band whose messy, cheeky approach to rock’n’roll has you hooked from the moment they take the stage. An absolute must-see for anyone with a keen love for Sydney music.

The room was well and truly packed by the time Northern Beaches locals The Ruminaters took the stage. Bringing with them a huge pack of Avalon kids in their most peacock outfits, there was a bit of a too cool factor in the room that you just couldn’t ignore. This aside, the set started well with the group running through their best-loved tracks How Can I, the newly released Boys Off Work and crowd favourite Mr Bubbles. With each song, the crowd grew closer and closer – a real sense of community was formed and smiles were boundless. At one point there were people literally hanging from the rafters. If that’s not an indication that you’ve smashed a live set then I don’t know what is.

Rounding off the night the audience (security included) mobbed the stage for an all in rendition of Hot Chocolate’s You Sexy Thing. A warm feeling spread through the hearts of everyone in the room. If you are after a good time and have the opportunity to catch them on this tour then take it, they won’t be playing these small venues for much longer if the state of the Lansdowne floorboards are anything to go off of.