Strap in and prepare to be launched into the cosmos with The Jensens and their new jet-propelled single, Coma – a glimpse into the latest musical chapter from the ever-evolving tale of the Brisbane five-piece. 

Locking themselves away in the studio, experimenting and recording for the better part of the year, this new sound is a bold and daring progression for the once-boppy indie rockers. Continuing to journey towards a more mature and eclectic sound similar to last year’s disco art-rock release, Emotion, each track from the project shares a wonderfully cinematic and charming characteristic.

By fusing funk, disco, and indie-rock elements, the quintet has managed to craft a sound that is widely futuristic, yet familiar, and still entirely their own. 

“It feels so flippin’ good to finally have Coma out there now,” said The Jensens’ Nathan Kendall.

“We have had it done for a while. I think we had it mastered in April and had it written about six months before that, so to finally have it out is the biggest relief ever.”

Kendall confesses that he is usually ‘over’ a track by the time they release it, but he has yet to tire from Coma. The audience response has been even more positive.

“I feel like the last single we released, Emotion, last year was kind of us trying to break away from the music we had made at the start of our career…

“… It was very polar opposite to what we had done in the past. So, I feel like now, with Coma, we’ve sort of met somewhere in the middle between the two…” Kendall explained.

“…It’s more something people can really get on board with because it pleases us at the same time it pleases the audience.”

The Jensens’ development sound comes from experimenting with different instruments, production techniques, formats and song structures which diverged from their previous music.

“We put more focus into refining those elements into something that was easily digestible for a wider audience. I feel like this is a sign of the direction that we want to continually head in,” Kendall added. 

 While Coma delivers a matured sound from The Jensens, the lyrics further describe the directional change from the band and their struggle with finding a sound that is uniquely their own.

“I guess this song is more in the punk-rock round. There’s a Radiohead vibe there, maybe, with stronger chords.

“We wrote these songs a while ago now and the sound revolution came probably a couple of years ago after we had been playing a couple of gigs and playing our first two EPs live pretty relentlessly…”

The creation of The Jensens latest music, which Kendall describes as “more authentic and true to ourselves” was something the band known they wanted to pursue for years.

“…I think we have grown as songwriters and have more of an idea of how we want our music to sound in the studio and they were the driving forces behind changing our sound.” 

Sonically quite mysterious and moody, the lyrical themes reflect this too with themes of isolation, anxiety, fear and control.

“The song’s [Coma] lyrics detail someone in an argument with themselves, repeatedly committing to making changes and move forward, then getting extremely frustrated when this doesn’t happen…”

“The last two years have been really strange for us as a band and as people. We’ve been going from having this very rigid idea of what the band is, what the sound is, what it represents and just going with that, but we never really gave ourselves time to just step back and really think about the music we wanted to make and the artists we want to be.”

Kendall says that because of this it took longer to record their latest songs. It was a constant process of re-thinking and refining, and whilst at times frustrating and confusing, it has paid off in the long run.

“It’s been two years of thinking a lot and writing a lot of music and experimenting a lot.” 

 Kendall said these two years of frustration left him feeling as if he were in a coma – a state of confusion, loneliness and uncertainty.

“When I first came up with the song title, it was the feeling of having slept through your life – similar to Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads, you just stay awake in your reality and you realise you’re not completely sure of everything around you and you’re not entirely sure how you got there or if it’s what you really want.

“It’s that moment when the penny finally drops and you’ve finally got a clearer picture of what it was we wanted to achieve with our music.” 

Kendall wants his experience to motivate others.

“I hope Coma motivates people to just do it and get some shit done. I feel like the biggest blessing I’ve learned out of this is that to be a good songwriter, you just need to write songs… It’s about working towards perfecting those things you’re passionate about.”

Having released two EPs, the youthful Everybody Talks (2016) and melancholic Sexless (2017), The Jensens have since gone on to share the stage with the likes of The Vaccines, Last Dinosaurs, Spiderbait and Twin Peaks. Adept festival stage rockers too, the band have performed at tastemaker events such as The Blurst of Times, Valley Fiesta, Jungle Love and the inaugural Grampians Music Festival. 

With a number of singles still yet to drop before the anticipated release of the EP, there’s no doubt The Jensens will be a name on everyone’s lips thanks to their undisputed individuality.

“We have so much music, so the plan is to record all of it and release it as soon as humanly possible. We’ve got two more singles off this EP to release and then we will release the EP hopefully early next year by which point we hope to have recorded the next batch.

“The past two years have included a lot of writing and we have a lot of finished material ready to go.”