2019 has been a great year for music so far! While music is great to dance along to, it also serves as a great platform for positively opinionated people to encourage others to think about the issues we face daily. The Female George’s (Ally Georges) debut single Handsome Girls and Pretty Boys does exactly this.

Throughout my first listen of this head-popping song, I could not stop dancing along to this hella groovy track! However, this track serves a thought-provoking message. It comes as an ultimate representation of tackling feelings, ideas and expectations that exist daily on a global scale, however juxtaposed with a joyful impression of sound, therefore, reminding people that being yourself is beauty within its self.

Handsome Girls and Pretty Boys is a song to scream if you’ve ever felt judge for doing nothing other than just being you. George has used her platform to explore gender identity and the stereotypes that come with dressing outside the “gender norms.” Why can’t girls be handsome and boys be pretty? As a female who found herself judged for not dressing ‘girly’ enough, George has given a voice to those who lay outside the gender norm.

“Everyone deals with it throughout their whole life,” George said. When I was younger, I wasn’t a dress kind of girl. I wore sneakers all the time and I played sport every second that I could. It was always perceived that I was too guy looking or too boyish or this or that. I just thought, ‘I don’t think it really matters.’ It’s cool to just be who you are. That was the whole idea of the song and the artist name and just playing on that factor.

“Through releasing Handsome Boys and Pretty Girls, the hope for me is to help people realise that it doesn’t matter. My nature is not a pushy person – it’s really laid back and it’s just, ‘Do whatever you want.’ I hope that laid-back nature comes across more often and it’s more positive rather than just being so in-your-face and over-the-top. I don’t think that’s how people understand where you’re coming from. If you just be chill and treat people with respect, I think they’re going to give that back.”

Co-written with one of her ex bandmates, The Female George creatively balances powerful lyrics with a throwback to 80s synth pop and rock, bringing back dance and celebration.

“Because the song is about such a serious topic, I think it was important to not be a dreary, serious song. It makes an impact with certain things, but I think with something like this, that laid-back nature and conveying that attitude through the song brings it across a bit more to encourage others to dance and do whatever makes you feel more comfortable.”

Releasing her debut single and getting her name out there has been a long-time coming for The Female George who discovered her love for music at an early age. While other kids were outside, Ally would lock herself in the school’s music room any chance she could. She started her musical journey by playing covers on a guitar until she found the confidence to write her own songs inspired by the personal events occurring in her life at the time. This inspiration flowed after she realised it was the honest, raw storytelling that drew her into her favourite musicians. Encouragement received from friends and family who recognised her talent, evolved Ally’s confidence to expand to a wider audience.

With more music in the works, The Female George is ready for people to hear what she has to say.

Handsome Girls and Pretty Boys is available now on all platforms.