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REVIEW: Eliott, Timberwolf, The Paper Kites

Written by on 3 March 2019

It’s official, the calendar tells no lies, summer has left us and won’t be back for some time, leaving us with the parting gift of a finite number of days where shorts and a t-shirt can be justified attire to venture outdoors in. Tonight [Saturday, March 2] I am that little bit extra grateful for […]

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Timberwolf: On decoding toxic masculinity

Written by on 8 October 2018

“I had written quite a few songs before it, and I was waiting for one that would have a lasting sentiment behind it before I released it.” Folk singer-songwriter Christopher Panousakis, known under the moniker Timberwolf, brings an unrivaled authenticity into his songwriting. “It was at a time where one of my best friends lost someone in […]

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