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Odette: On Merging Poetry With Songwriting & Sylvia Plath

Written by on 7 November 2017

“Intense and wonderful” is how singer/songwriter Odette describes her debut into the music industry. Charming, well-spoken and with a voice that perfectly captures the tensions of richly sweet melodies and spoken word, the Sydney-sider has already captured the attention and hearts of many. Her first single Watch Me Read You was only released in August [...]

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Kim Churchill, Ayla, Taj Ralph

Written by on 28 October 2017

26 October, Solbar Solbar was the place to be if you needed a dose of live music straight at your doorstep and enjoy some midweek drinks. These exact antics were present in the venue’s bandroom when Australian songwriter Kim Churchill brought his Weight Falls album tour to the Sunshine Coast. As punters filled the room, [...]

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Gordi – ‘Reservoir’

Written by on 25 August 2017

This may not need to be pointed out, but I'm going to anyway. The number of solo female musicians in Australia is exploding. From every angle, we have albums being released that not only prove that women are making a huge mark on the scene, inching towards balancing out the male-dominated industry, but it also [...]

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Q&A: Mammals

Written by on 13 August 2017

Answered by: Guy Brown Position/role: Mr Mammal Give us your wicked-cool backstory. Where did the name come from and how did you start out? Hailed from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Kicked around here surfing. As a grommet, I was acting and singing in musicals and operas. Making you buy things you don't need on TV commercials. Growing up [...]

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Paul Kelly – ‘Life Is Fine’

Written by on 11 August 2017

Paul Kelly’s recent releases have experimented with everything from Shakespearean poetry to funeral songs, but his latest record Life Is Fine, out today, takes us back to the music that we first fell in love with. The songs are in conversation with each other; we hear the recurring motifs of nature in the forms of [...]

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Kaiit: On Finding Her Voice & Representing Minorities

Written by on 9 August 2017

After releasing her debut single only two months ago, Kaiit has captured the ears and hearts of the Australian music scene. The funky jazz-soul track is full of personality and passion and is an exciting first taste of the young Melbourne artist. After leaving high school in Year 10 and completing the final grade equivalent [...]

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