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MUKI: On Breaking The “Safe” Pop Mould

Written by on 9 May 2018

“When I was three years old I would walk around and be like ‘I wanna be a superstar!’” Sydney-based pop-dream MUKI is well on her way to reaching that superstar status. With three singles under her belt, support act slots for the likes of Paces and Client Liaison, the MUKI project has landed on the [...]

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ILUKA: On Storytelling, Harnessing the Dark Side & Community

Written by on 30 April 2018

Defiant resilience rising from turbulent waves of emotion, the magnetism of connecting with nature and delving deep into internal darkness. For 26-year-old ILUKA AKA Nikki Thorburn, these things and so many more led to the end result of her latest musical output with the release of an EP, Ritual. With the EP bursting at the seams with [...]

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RACKETT On: Camaraderie, Material Identity & Shaving Heads

Written by on 20 March 2018

RACKETT have become notorious for having a raucous, raw, riot of a live show. Their career trajectory over the last year and a half can be measured akin to their performances; crazy, loud, fast-paced, and yet still focused. Having already begun their Rockin' The Puburbs tour - which they achieved through winning the competition of the [...]

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Gig: Cub Sport, Eves Karydas, Merk

Written by on 19 March 2018

17 Mar, Metro Theatre Over the weekend I attended the Sydney show of Cub Sport’s BATS world tour, and was treated to the best indie pop this continent has to offer. The first support of the night was the New Zealand-based solo producer Merk, an indie pop/rock artist with the instrumentation of bands like Unknown [...]

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Dylan Joel: On Breaking Free Of The Hip Hop Label

Written by on 15 March 2018

Melbourne singer, songwriter and rapper Dylan Joel has returned with his brand new single, Run To The River, which gave us the first taste of his new music in two years. “It feel like a big weight is off my shoulders. It’s been a long time coming and it’s super nice to have something out, [...]

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Ocean Alley – ‘Chiaroscuro’

Written by on 13 March 2018

Imagine you’re eating a pie. Not just any old pie. You’re sinking your teeth into a wavy slice of groovy-licious pie. The flavours on your tongue taste colourful whilst you’re chewing. You swallow and it’s gone. Your cravings for another piece grow strongly and you would do just about anything for another taste of that [...]

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360, Pez, Lil Spacely

Written by on 6 March 2018

2 Mar, Metro Theatre When Lil Spacely walked onto the stage at the Metro Theatre on Friday night, the crowd shared whispers of confusion. Bouncing onto the stage in parka jackets, bum bags and shoulder bags, and swinging around a sweat towel, they looked like it was a surprise to them that they were about [...]

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PNK FME: On ‘Tho,’ His DIY Ethic & Pink Flamingos

Written by on 6 March 2018

Lachlan Turnock, AKA Adelaidian electronic singer/songwriter PNK FME, has just dropped his striking single THO which has propelled the 22-year-old artist into all of our playlists. Influenced by Ramzoid, Trippie Redd and Jogi, PNK FME has mixed new-age rap with traditional electronic styles, forming a hybrid of sound. The track’s topline portrays the introspective nature, [...]

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