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In Hearts Wake: On Environmentalism, Coldplay & ‘Game Of Thrones’

Written by on 30 May 2017

Byron's In Hearts Wake are fast becoming one of Australia’s most celebrated metal exports. The five-piece are using music to both entertain and educate, getting behind environmental conservation via their most recent album Ark. We sat down with vocalist Jake Taylor to talk water, women in metal and performing a gig Game Of Thrones-style. Taylor says that their passion for making music with a [...]

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In Hearts Wake – ‘Ark’

Written by on 22 May 2017

Before we properly  delve into Ark, permit me to take a moment to paint a history of metal, and In Hearts  Wake's place  in  it. I remember [back  in  my day, sonny] when metal started for me  in  the mid-2000s. Someone showed a younger  me a breakdown from Parkway Drive's Killing With A Smile and I fell  in love with the [...]

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Hellions: On Boat Jail & Dealing With Tough Feedback

Written by on 10 May 2017

 Fresh home from their whopping European tour and currently headlining a run of Aussie shows celebrating their most recent album, Opera Oblivia, Hellions continue to go from strength to strength. Sydney local and guitarist/singer of the band, Matt Gravolin, hops on the blower to talk about living it up on the road, singing live for the first time and [...]

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