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REVIEW: Mallrat, ft. NYNE, Kota Banks & Basenji

Written by on 31 May 2019

Metro Theatre; 12 April 2019 The night started at Spice Alley, only later did I realise that the after-work feed that served as the prelude to the gig would foreshadow the gig itself.  Before dinner, I told myself that I wouldn’t miss any of the opening acts as I have a tendency to rock up […]

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REVIEW: Falls Festival, Lorne by Nick Simpkin

Written by on 8 January 2019

I was somewhere east of Lorne, coasting down the Great Ocean Road when the road swayed around a steep, fort-like headland corner to reveal a sight out of some ancient dream – a deep fog spilling over these sharp, craggy cliffs to fall into this endless crystal-blue ocean that extended to the horizon. The sky was littered […]

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