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Timi Temple, Jermango Dreaming

Written by on 9 February 2018

9 February, Oxford Art Factory Last night I attended a show at Oxford Art Factory. It was there that I witnessed the first ever headline slot for Timi Temple, at his Where Did the Good Guy Go? single launch. I hadn't attended OAF in a long time - a place I used to frequent between ages 18-21. However, [...]

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Woodes On: Collaborations, Nature & Her Alter-Ego

Written by on 17 January 2018

Starting your musical career with collaborations is a well-worn path. But it’s when a musician steps out and carves their own direction that the real soul of the artist comes to the fore. Woodes, aka Elle Graham, is forging a new way and bringing others along for the ride. I catch Graham on the phone [...]

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PREMIERE: Blaire Release Driving New Single ‘Youth’

Written by on 16 January 2018

Today is the day we release our first single premiere of the year. Strap yourselves in because this one's a goodun'! Hailing from the sunny Gold Coast, indie-rock three-piece Blaire have smashed into 2018 with their killer new track, Youth. Youth is a driving post-punk exploration of everyday monotony. Impeccably composed, the boys take shoegaze to new heights with washed [...]

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Tiny Little Houses: On Self-Awareness & Millenials

Written by on 10 January 2018

Caleb Karvountzis needed to get away. He needed some down time, some time for self-reflection, and some time to read. “I went on holidays a few years ago for six months and I read all day every day. I was mainly reading philosophy and it changed my perspective on things in life... changed my viewpoints.” [...]

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Saskwatch: On Touring, Big Bands & Embracing Culture

Written by on 21 December 2017

There’s music that you can listen to that always brings a smile to your face, whether it be the upbeat melody, the uplifting lyrics or a quirky beat. Saskwatch has all of these, so it’s no wonder that chatting with the lead singer of the group, Nkechi Adele, also made me smile. A big year for [...]

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PREMIERE: PEACH Releases Sweet Debut ‘Faded’

Written by on 5 December 2017

Like a fruit, slowly growing to ripeness, this debut track from Melbourne producer, PEACH, grows and blooms to reveal a lush, smooth and beautiful cascade of sweet electronica on Faded, premiering today on LunchBox. PEACH is born out of the mind of Craig Kemp, a member of electronic duo, noti. who now, in a solo guise, [...]

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