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Ruby Fields

Written by on 13 November 2017

11 November, The Lansdowne Hotel For a number of months I was under the impression that Ruby Fields was more than a little big for her britches. From her standoffish stage presence at Sounds of The Suburbs and the slightly contrived promotional content, I was apprehensive about Saturday evening’s show at The Lansdowne. The P [...]

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Wild Honey – ‘ In Your Head’

Written by on 3 November 2017

 Indie-rock Sydneysiders, Wild Honey have crafted tasteful, bittersweet album In Your Head for us to lavish over. The five-piece band have built a solid fanbase since the release of their popular single Eye To Eye and were handpicked by Australian band Jet to be the opening act for their show earlier this year. With the help and guidance [...]

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DMA’s, Sunscreen

Written by on 2 November 2017

1 November, Paddington Town Hall Who would have thought that Paddington Town Hall would become my new favourite venue? Last night’s performance by DMA's left me with a glow of contentment, each and every song the caused the cavernous space quiver and quake under the the band’s sheer brilliance. Sunscreen gave a convincing and peppy [...]

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The Ruminaters, Crocodylus, Neighbourhood Void, Pelican Boy

Written by on 17 October 2017

12 September, The Lansdowne Hotel Thursday night at The Lansdowne Hotel drew an impressive turnout, and it wasn’t for the chicken parmigiana downstairs. The night saw Avalon boys/local legends The Ruminaters launch their new single I Wanna Fight to a crowd who were very much into it. The show kicked off with support from Pelican [...]

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PREMIERE: Shamanic’s New Vid ‘Call On You’ Takes Us Through Sydney In The Witching Hour

Written by on 13 October 2017

Today marks the release of Sydney pop-rock outfit Shamanic's debut music video for their pop-rock single Call On You, filmed and edited by Mohammed Henni. Having kicked around Sydney since 2014, it seems only fitting that the four-piece would use this glorious city as the backdrop for their first-ever music video. Stunning visuals of the 2017 VIVID [...]

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Alex Lahey – ‘I Love You Like A Brother’

Written by on 5 October 2017

There is no-one making music like Alex Lahey in Australia right now. That’s a big call, but think about it. Lahey treads the line between singer-songwriter, pop and indie-rock, whilst delivering lyrics that are relatable and easy to digest, all the while being a person that doesn’t hold back her clever, yet stoic personality. Quite [...]

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Timi Temple: On Mental Health, Jazz & Pop Stars

Written by on 5 October 2017

2017 is an important year for musicians and mental health. Accompanied by an ongoing openness, endless support and positive outlook, I chatted with Timothy Lockwood about his own experiences, observations and the launch of his solo project Timi Temple, as well his recent single What Are We Waiting For. Having grown up immersed in a […]

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