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REVIEW: Falls Festival, Lorne

Written by on 4 January 2018

28 Dec - 31 Dec, Otway Rainforest My flight was at 9am. I got to the airport at 7:25. Realised my flight was at actually at 8am and boarding started at 7:30. Shit. Sorry to all of the people I pushed in front of and massive thanks to Virgin airlines who were absolute legends getting [...]

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REVIEW: Falls Festival, Byron Bay

Written by on 3 January 2018

31 Dec - 2 Jan, North Byron Parklands The North Byron Parklands were crackling with energy. The sun carved through clouds, offering a brief but welcome shower on the similarly buzzing crowds, descending with surprising coordination into the endless green fields. Up in the hills among the huge circus tents, a sound check is going [...]

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