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Sydney City Limits

Written by on 27 February 2018

24 February, Centennial Park Although the inaugural Sydney City Limits was not sold out, Centennial Park was awash with activity on Saturday. The line-up was heaving with astonishingly quality acts including a huge number of exclusive and impressive international artists; it’s not hard to understand why the site was buzzing with anticipation. The first thing [...]

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Mountain Sounds Festival

Written by on 20 February 2018

16-17 February, Mount Penang Gardens Walking into Mountain Sounds Festival, I was pleasantly surprised by the bush doof-inspired set-up. By doof-inspired, I mean decorative overhead shade constructions made from multi-coloured fabrics and huge bamboo structures sourced from outback techno and psytrance festivals like Strawberry Fields, Rainbow Serpent Festival or Subsonic. This atypical festival design was [...]

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St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Sydney – by Freya McGahey

Written by on 7 February 2018

St Jerome's Laneway Festival, Sydney For my first St Jerome’s Laneway Festival I was very impressed.  Walking in, the crowds were thin, the festival was in full swing and yet that overwhelming splutter of noise, dust and drunkenness which I have come to expect from festivals was missing. It was oddly refreshing. Catching up with every [...]

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Sugar Mountain

Written by on 22 January 2018

20 Jan, Melbourne Arts Precinct If there’s one thing you cannot deny Melbourne of being, it’s eclectic. It seems there are always new and interesting ways to present live music within the city. So, as I found myself at yet another location I’d never have picked out for live music, you could say I was [...]

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