The only way to float is to shed the secrets weighing you down, Stand Atlantic has learned. On Skinny Dipping, their debut album for Hopeless Records, the Sydney-based pop-rock trio has stripped down their souls and hidden nothing.

Skinny Dipping follows the band’s 2017 EP, Sidewinder, which launched vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser, guitarist David Potter and drummer Jonno Panichi from Aussie locals to one of the most exciting underground bands.

The trio’s blend of hard-charged rock and soaring pop melodies has earned them a home on international tours with the likes of New Found Glory, Neck Deep and State Champs as well as critical accolades including a Best International Breakthrough Band nomination at the 2018 Heavy Music Awards and inclusion in Kerrang’s highly coveted Hottest Bands of 2018.

Now, Skinny Dipping is poised to build on that success and take Stand Atlantic even further. The unfiltered honesty of the album’s 10 tracks showcase an emotional maturity beyond the band’s collective years – a keen sense of self-awareness and desire to be unconditionally authentic even when, and perhaps especially when, it breaks their hearts.

Awash in 90s vibrancy and bounce, the title track finds Fraser coming to terms with her sexuality, fighting through a haze of self-doubt en route to a celebration of her true identity. “Skinny dipping can be seen as an innocent thing you do for fun,” vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Fraser said. “But, at the same time, you’re naked and vulnerable and exposing yourself to anything in there. There are things in life I sometimes feel are either unimportant or something I shouldn’t be talking about. It can be so isolating to be truly honest, but to have people accept you, is so freeing.”

However, that vulnerability can also set you up for disappointment, as the band explores through the lens of the three-song stretch, Lost My Cool, Toothpick and Burn in the Afterthought – acid-tongued tales of a failed relationship in which being open backfired in a heartbreaking way. There’s a lot to gain from leaving nothing on the table, but sometimes even more to lose.

Ultimately, that’s the risk everyone takes when they tear down the walls and live an unapologetically honest life. It’s what the band experienced firsthand whilst writing Skinny Dipping, as they worked to amplify what fans and critics around the world loved about Sidewinder, whilst still pushing forward to break new ground, remaining true to themselves the entire way.

In the end, Stand Atlantic succeeded because Skinny Dipping is an album that’s unquestionably theirs. They’ve dealt head-on with the things heavy on their hearts and emerged on the other side emboldened and ready to tell the tale. That’s a message that will find ears wherever and whenever they’re open and ready to receive it.  

Skinny Dipping will be released on October 26 via Hopeless Records.