There’s a re-emerging sub-genre in Australian music: skater punk.

While this style reached its peak in the late ‘80s, the romanticism of hanging at the local park, chilling on the couch playing Tony Hawk and drinking/smoking copious amounts has returned with bands like Dune Rats and Hockey Dad.

We’re all a bit disappointed that winter is descending, and despite the record being pushed back from a summer to an autumn release date, that hasn’t stopped their sunny third EP, Holiday Food, from being the quintessential (post)summer release.

Actually, the reminiscent, contemplative lyrics – “Life flashes by that’s why we wander / I guess I’m not getting any younger” – almost make it more appropriate for the unexplained melancholy that accompanies this time of year.

They must be thinking what we’re thinking – the lead track name-drops a season. Spring Has Sprung has enjoyed a huge following over the last few months and it’s a perfect introduction to this Byron Bay three-piece. Frothing, frenetic guitars with belting, carefree vocals bring all the goods for your Sunday scatterbrained recovery sesh.

The EP’s stupidly fun, short, sharp tracks are the perfect accompaniment for lazy days draped sloth-like over the couch arms. Wrapped in driving guitars, kinetic drums and a simmering nostalgia, killer title You Probably Won’t Die For A While goes a long way to explaining this trio’s ethos.

Got On My Skateboard slows the tempo a little – probably a good thing – showing that there is some depth that may be explored further in a future debut album (although they’ll have to take a break from playing sold out tours in order to record it!)

This EP doesn’t stray too far into anything that can be considered highbrow, but that’s not the point; enjoy it for what it is and stop thinking so much!


Skegss – Holiday Food EP

Released: 7 Apr, 2017 via Ratbag Records/Warner