Melbourne’s 19-year-old Samsaruh popped onto our radar last year with her debut single Golden To Thrive and has subsequently become a familiar name on festival bills and in support slots, fast making a name for herself around the country.

From having worked with artists like SLUMBERJACK, Kuren and more, touring with Just A Gent while completing Year 12, to opening this year’s Falls Festival as the triple j Unearthed winner, Sam Tutic has done more since leaving school than most do in a lifetime. When she found out about the Falls slot “I definitely screamed like a little girl! It’s crazy… It freak[ed] me out!” she exclaimed.

“It was super exciting! The weather up in Lorne was pretty reckless and freezing at the festival. It started raining just before my set so at that point I seriously didn’t expect much of an audience, but I was fortunately surprised, and it was a tonne of fun grooving along with all the beautiful people out there,” she regails. “So I guess when I walked on stage it was a relief, a relief in the sense that I’m getting to do what I love so much and a relief to have such an awesome audience.

“At sound check, my drummer Tim Coghill and I were just casually having a discussion about moths, and then just as I walked on stage and was about to start the first song and the first drumbeats, a humongous moth flew into the bottom of his shoe. As he was trying to get it out it just kept going deeper and deeper into his shoe, so that was pretty funny.”

Sam is a woman on a mission, figuring out how to juggle newfound responsibilities and experiences in the spotlight while many her age are still confounded by the washing machine. “I just had to be very wary of my time and very organised and I guess that’s just time management, naturally I am an organised person I just liked to be super organised with everything,” she says.

With music in her blood and surrounded by a musically talented and supportive family, Sam announced to the world at eight that she would grow up to become a singer/songwriter, penning her first lyrics at 13. Inspired by the greats such as INXS, Samsaruh would watch tour DVDs and feel encouraged by what she saw. “I guess what’s inspiring to me, and what inspires me to keep singing, and keep doing what I want to do, is just seeing… these amazing performers and legends up on stage at Wembley Stadium.”

She released her debut EP Orenda under her real name at 16 with Joel Dowling and Tim Coghill of Matt Corby’s band on productions duties, and is now working with the same team on her new EP – this time also pulling up a producer’s chair.

“The team I work with [Nightflare] are legends, so it’s very fun when the time comes to producing a track as we all get a long really well. I’ve known them and have been working with them since I was 15, so they feel like family to me.

“The main concerns currently are trying to decide which songs I want to throw on the EP. I have a lot of new material and I just want to share it all with everyone so trying to narrow it down to four to five songs is definitely a task in itself, but it’s a fun problem to have,” she says. “I’ll be performing a bunch of my new unreleased tracks in my upcoming shows as well, so it’s good being able to still show people what’s coming and give everyone a sneak peek.

Sam shares that she likes to keep things mysterious, explaining that she likes to leave a lot of meaning to the listeners and her fans to interpret. “It’s such a personal thing to put out your own songs and your own lyrics and things like that, and to see people really accepting that is so amazing,” she enthuses. 

Beautiful Killer is a powerfully commanding demanding indie-pop hit exploring illusions and daydreams, and how they are used as a form of escapism, never quite seeing things as they are. “I guess the song is actually about being on the opposing side and walking into someone else daydream, and what it’s like, and I guess we’re all beautiful killers – even myself – I just wrote the song generally about humans and what we’re like.”

When asked about the response to the track, Sam got all bubbly and animated: “Oh, it’s been incredible, it’s so amazing! So I released Beautiful Killer on the Friday, and then the Monday after I got added to high rotation on triple j which totally took me by surprise!

“Everyday I learn more about myself and my craft, so I’m just riding this journey like any other person is as well. Every time I put out another track it’s super exciting ’cause it means I get to reveal a bit more of myself to everyone; I get to connect a bit more with my listeners and it’s really cool to see the connection grow stronger and stronger. I think that’s an important part of growing as an artist as well, the relationship you establish with the people listening to your music. It’s a special thing.”

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