[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]After taking a year off from releasing music, rising electro-pop artist Sammi Constantine is back with a brand new pop anthem, Feel Your Body.

This song has been rewritten and tweaked over the last two and a half years without an official release, mostly because Sammi was so passionate about the song and needed it to be perfect.

After countless recordings, mixes and touring of this song across the entire country as part of her live set, Sammi said Feel Your Body was finally ready to be released to the world.

“I’ve been performing the song and touring with it for that whole time, and I’ve been testing it live to see how it feels. It’s been the song that everyone sort of remembered, the ‘feel touch your body’ song.

“It’s the one that everyone can easily pick up the lyrics to and it’s been really cool to watch people sing the lyrics,” Sammi said.

“It’s 100 percent my favourite song baby yet.”

Sammi knew she had finally achieved what she wanted from the track when it made her dance.

“I’m glad that I didn’t release it earlier because I think it’s had many versions and it’s perfect now for me. I think it’s finally gotten to a place where I’m really happy with it and I’m really proud of it.

“It was more of a ballad before. The second half of the chorus was the original chorus, so it’s actually now kind of got two different choruses and the first one, I just wanted it to have more movement because I’m an ex-dancer so I love to actually feel it onstage as well.”

Feel Your Body explores the hardships of a broken person who has trouble loving themselves and attempts to fill the void with someone else.

The lyrics extrapolate the emotional conflict of wanting someone you can’t have over a dark, sexy and upbeat production.

“It’s something that I suppose was personal, but over the years it kind of became less personal. It was more of a storytelling thing. It’s pretty metaphoric, but I feel that it’s kind of relatable and it tells a story of a broken person trying to just find love.

“I like to tell it how it is. This is a sad song, and hopefully when people listen to this they can feel they’re not alone in feeling that and they’re not the only person that has experienced this.

“If they’re going through that, then maybe they can go, ‘Cool, someone else is going through that,’ and it’s of one of those songs you can cry to or dance to if you’d rather.”

While she can’t reveal too much about it at the moment, Sammi said a music video for Feel Your Body will be out on August 10 which will complete the package and reveal the full story behind the track.

After a year-long break from the music industry, Sammi said she has returned which a much clearer mindset.

“I didn’t want to take the time off. I mean, I did a lot of features in that time. I did a feature with Mashd N Kutcher and that went really, really well. We had a lot of success on that, but I really realised when I came away from that, that I need to figure out exactly how I want to be seen.

“I really needed to be in this for myself in order to reach a wider audience, and do things for them as well. I really needed to just, take some time, but also personally had a lot of personal things happening.

“I think in order to get out the best content in the best way I needed to just step back and come back bigger and better.”

Since her inception, Sammi Constantine has undergone a tumultuous transcendence in her musical repertoire. The young musician has performed a string of headline shows across Australia and became an unmissable act at music festivals including Groovin The Moo, Mountain Sounds Festival and Ocean Rhythms Festival.

She also broke the internet from collaboration with Mashd N Kutcher titled Need Me, which charted at number one on the iTunes Electronic Charts and has amassed more than 2.1 million streams since its release.

However, it’s not the large number of streams that matters most to Sammi – it’s about the message she wants to leave behind.

“I really just want to stay honest. I hope that people can listen and feel that it’s not too far from normal lives. I’m a human, I’ve been through every normal thing that every other person does, except I write about it, and I just really want people to listen with the intent to feel something for themselves from the lyrics that I’ve written down in my diary that’s turned into a song.

“I think that’s cool that someone can write about it because I looked up to people that wrote about their feelings when I was little and now I do that. So that’s really, that’s really cool to me.”

With an array of new music on the horizon and more shows to be announced for 2018, Sammi Constantine is definitely an artist you should keep on your radar.

“I just worked with a bunch of really cool people on APRA SongHubs which was amazing.

“I got to work with Tommy Brown and Tommy just did Ariana Grande and J Lo’s new stuff. I got to work with Warren Campbell. He’s doing Stevie Wonder’s two albums, so crazy, crazy, crazy.

“But, I also got to work with Woodes and the Kite String Tangle and Ryan Riback and a bunch of amazing people. I have a lot of material coming and I’m really excited about it.”

Feel Your Body is available now on all music streaming services.

Sammi Constantine would like to encourage people to listen to the track and reach out to her. “I want to hear about it. Hopefully, people reach out and tell me if they love it or even if they hate it. I mean, either way feedback is so appreciated.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]